The Sorceress' Truth - Book Two of the Lorien Princess Trilogy (Legolas Love Story/ Lotr Fan Fic)

Authiel Galadhrim, like young Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took of the Shire, has been captured by the deadly Uruk-Hai after the death of their comrade, Boromir of Gondor.
Together they travel as captives to Isengard where Saruman the traitor awaits them. He thinks the Hobbits hold the One Ring and he wishes for Authiel to stand as his Queen when he rules part of Middle Earth under Sauron’s reign.
Yet there is hope for the trio, for one night they escape into Fangorn Forest and meet some they did not expect; someone who they all believed to be dead. With the Ent Treebeard as their guide, the trio travel through Fangorn and seek revenge on the one who captured them.
However, the Valar have more tests in mind for Authiel.
Can she prove herself worthy of becoming one of the Istari?
Will her hidden past be revealed to her completely?
Will the Sorceress’ learn the truth?


1. Prophecy

Ten members of the Fellowship,

Ten times brave and true.

But if some are not careful,

Then all will be through.


If this is so, then two will be lost.

One in darkness which bears a great cost,

The other soon after, there is no doubt

That he will split up the short and stout.


Eight there will be,

All separate from loss.

Three with the enemy,

Two still lost.


One will return,

And those shall be saved.

But battle will keep all apart

For many a day.


Two still apart,

One never to return.

If it is not destroyed

Then evil will churn.


If that is so,

Then none can survive.

Unless those who go

Do risk their lives.


Ten fine companions

All brave and true.

They are the ones

That will save the world for you. 

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