I Bullied My Mate

Starlet is your average teenage werewolf with a heart of gold. Xander is son of the alpha and a major bully. She's waiting for mate to come and sweep her off her feet. He thinks no matter who his mate is, she'll be submissive and let him own her. He's the bully, and she's his latest victim. It's their last week in high school and they both plan to go to the masquerade ball their school is holding, unaware that the other is attending. What happens when Starlet and Xander figure out that they're mates? What happens when Starlet still doesn't trust Xander? What happens when Xander falls hard for Starlet, but she still won't accept that they're mates? Read on to find out....


1. Main Characters

Xander Young- 16 going on 17, Xander Young is the only son of the Alpha of BloodMoon pack, and is next in line to become Alpha. Although he's supposed to be mature, he's a jerk. He's favourite victim is Star Loving, who he bullies every chance he gets. His messy black hair and hazel eyes makes him quite the lady's man. He's getting ready to find out who his mate is, although he's sure it's just one of the skanks he's already screwed over.

Quote from Xander's past: Yes, I'm a jerk. Your point? I could have you hanged, I'm so powerful.


Starlet Loving- 16 years of age, Star is what you'd call a badass. She's the daughter of beta, James Loving, and the younger sister of Trevor Loving. Her junior year has been horrible so far, but thankfully, it'll be over in a week. Her worst fear has come true, and she has to go to the masquerade ball with her brother. The bad thing about that is that she's sure her bully, Xander Young, is sure to be there. She refuses to tell anyone about it, though. Xander is son of the alpha, and she's sure to be punished if she even suggests that he's ever hit her. Her soft, curly brown hair and baby blue eyes makes her attractive, but she's never even thought about dating. Xander has already made sure of that.

Quote from Star's past: Yes, Xander. I will. Just...just please don't hurt me.


Trevor Loving- Best friend of Xander Young, Trevor's next in line to become beta. At 18 years of age, he's very protective of his younger sister Star. He has no idea that Xander bullies his younger sister, and would probably kill Xander if he were ever to find out. His last year in high school is coming to a close, and he's soon to help Xander search for his mate. With his dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes, he makes his mate Lilah happy with every chance he gets.

Quote from Trevor's past: You'd tell me if anyone ever hurt you, right Star?

Lilah Fields- Best friend of Starlet Loving, and mate of Trevor Loving, Lilah is the only one who knows about Xander's abusive ways. Although Lilah promised Starlet she wouldn't say anything, she's worried for her best friend. Lilah may be small,  but she'll unleash hell when she needs to. With her wavy ginger hair and soft green eyes, she looks like an innocent girl, but believe me when I tell you, she's not as innocent as she seems.

Quote from Lilah's past: You mess with Star, you mess with me, and trust me, you don't want a piece of this.


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