Little Edwards

Hi I'm Katie Edwards... I know what you're thinking am I related to Perrie Edwards, well to answer your question yes I am her little sister and it sucks, why you ask because its always Perrie this Perrie that. All my parents ever think and talk about Perrie and how proud they are of her.. Well anyways it's my 18th birthday in a few days and my parents are making me meet Perries boyfriend and his band one direction. I am not looking forward to it since I freakin hate them and there music so lets just see what happens......


3. authors note

heeeyy guys! sorry if u thought this was an update. ill update as soon as I can.. I haven't updated in a while so maybe ill publish a new chapter later today! anyways I haven't updated in 3 months omg that's a long time...anyways sorry ive just had a lot of things going on at school nd at home :/ im also thinking of making a new story about the magcon boys! (my baess) so let me know what u think! haha idk what else to say soo um bye..


~ N

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