Little Edwards

Hi I'm Katie Edwards... I know what you're thinking am I related to Perrie Edwards, well to answer your question yes I am her little sister and it sucks, why you ask because its always Perrie this Perrie that. All my parents ever think and talk about Perrie and how proud they are of her.. Well anyways it's my 18th birthday in a few days and my parents are making me meet Perries boyfriend and his band one direction. I am not looking forward to it since I freakin hate them and there music so lets just see what happens......



 Katie's pov


beep beep beep! I woke up to my annoying alarm clock. ugh!! today I have to meet one direction while most girls would be dying to be in my position im actually thinking of running away right now. ya ya ya I know what you are thinking "is she crazy!?!" well no im not crazy okay! I just hate them so much and truthfully I don't know why. My phone rang and the screen read Perrie in big bold letters I answered it and said " hey Perrie whats up" "hey Katie just calling to say the boys and I will be over in an hour or so k?" "sure" I said in a bored tone I heard Perrie sigh and she hung up. I quickly took a shower and got dressed I did my makeup and  put my hair into a French braid on the right side. on cue the doorbell rang and I rushed downstairs to open it there stood 5 boys and my sister. one boy with blonde hair came up and said " im niall and I have something very important to ask you do you have any food?" I stared at him strangley and a boy with a quiff and big brown eyes said" excuse niall im liam" next a boy with grey eyes and light brown hair came up to me attacked me in a bone crushing hug and said "hello love my name is Louis" "hi im Katie" I said smiling trying to be polite a boy with tan skin and a quiff came up to me and I instantly recognized him as zayn malik my sisters boyfriend '' hi Katie im zayn" a boy with curly hair and amazing green eyes came up and kissed my hand and said 'hello beautiful im harry" I instantly thought he must be the flirt of the band and lastly I greeted my sister with a hug. the boys all went into the living room and when I strode into the living room I saw niall eating MY chocolate chip cookies Perrie must of noticed him to because very slowly she said " niall.... I.... suggest.... you right now!" "why?" he asked next thing he knew was that I tackeled him to the ground and yelled " NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE EVER TOUCHES MY COOKIES!!!!" I got off him and took my cookies back he looked scared while everyone else started laughing some of the boys even had tears coming out. hmm maybe I wont hate them so much as I thought.



hello lovelies should I continue the story?? please comment for ur opinion anyways if u want to know who Katie is she is being played by avril lavigne  but the cover probably gave that away. soo just incase u are confused it isn't katies birthday yet anyways PEACE- musicluva67

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