Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


11. Sleeping with the boy

No one's P.O.V.


That house, it was just like in her memory. Or was that just because she hurted her head? 


"Are you okay? Do you want something to drink?" the boy asks her and she nod her head lightly. "thank you..." he smiled and and left to the kitchen while she sat down on the couch of the building, still feeling weird from inside of her. Why did this boy made her feel that way?


"Why were you on the streets at 11 pm, especially that area?" He asked and she looked down, he acted like she did something bad while she was told not to do that, she just had to find Kimmy, that was all.


"don't your parents know you are here? They must be worried sick!" he couldn't stand that a girl of that age wasn't home, where she belonged. She didn't understood how worried parents could be when their daughter isn't around and they don't know where she is. It kills them, and he know that very well.  

Lizzy didn't dared to look up, afraid that she might started crying if she looked at him while saying it. "I- I don't have any parents, I was looking for my friend..." 


"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't knew that... And do you have any idea where your friend might me?" he felt bad for the girl, he knew how it was to lose someone you love, that hurt very much, it wasn't her parents that missed her, it was her that missed parents. He would never know how that would be for such a young girl.  



"I-I don't know" she started crying and the boy hugged her awkwardly "calm down love, I will help you find her tomorrow, it's late, you should get some sleep." he lifted her up and laid her down in his bed, she was so fragile and small, like with every touch she could break in a million pieces. 


"Just get some sleep, it's too late and dark to search for her. We will find her tomorrow, I promise you" she smiled a little at him and he felt warm inside, what did this girl do to him? 


"Can I know your name?" he asked her and she nodded, but before she could answer him loud voices interupted the silance between the two of them. 


"Louis! We're here!" he looked at the door and back at the girl. He asked one more time "can I please know your name?" but she was already sleeping. 


He sighted and kissed her forehead softly without waking her up. Now he still didn't knew her name, and somehow, he had the feeling that it was important to him to know her name.


"Louis! Where are you?!" he looked at the girl one more time and closed the door softly, the boys couldn't know about her, and she couldn't know about the boys. She didn't recognized him and he liked that. Just someone that finally could get to know him for the real Louis Tomlinson. 






"Lizzy, come down sweetheart, it's picture day with your big brother!" the two year old toddler run down the stairs and smiled at her mother. 


"Look how's the most beautful princess in the world" she giggled when her mother lifted her up and made her look in the mirror. 


"Mom, I can't find my shoes" when she heard her brother's voice she turned her head around and jumped out of her mother's arms. 

"Lo-wee! Mommy say im a pwincess!" she smiled at his little sister and hugger her tight. "but you are a princess Lizzy, you are my little baby sister princess" he tickled her belly and she laugher loudly, trying to stop him but he was too strong for her. 


"Louis, just stop it, search your shoes and have breakfast with us" her father said and he quickly stopped playing with his sister. 

"Next time you can't find them, you go to school without shoes!" her father yelled and Louis quickly run away, afraid of his father's anger. 



"Troy, stop it. He's a kid, let him be" her mother tried to calm her husband down but he just turned his back to her and walked to his son's bedroom. 


"What do you want for breakfast baby girl?" "Why is daddy mad at Lo-wee? He did noting wong" she asked her mother with big eyes. Why was daddy always mad at Lo-wee and her? Didn't he loved him and her? 


"Daddy isn't mad, daddy just wants Louis to grow up a little more" she kissed her daughter's forehead and made her go to the kitchen for breakfast. 


About ten minutes later Louis came too, his hand on his cheek and red eyes. "Lo-wee! Come here!" he smiled lightly and sat down next to his little sister without saying a word and ate his food. 


"it's time guys! Come here, mommy will fix your hair again" Lizzy's hair was a mess due to playing with Louis. "I want my prince and princess to look at their best for the picture day." she run to her mother. 



"smile you two!" the fotographer told them and Louis hugged his little sister a little tighter while smiling widely. 


"It's beautiful you two, just one more. Lizzy, where is that big smile everybody loves?" he put up a funny face and she smiled widely in the camera. 

"That's it guys, it's wonderful." Liz jumped off Louis' lap and run to the man. "May I see it please sir?" he smiled and ruffled her hair. 


"yes you can dollface, here it is" he showed her the picture of her and her brother. "you have done a great job" she hugged his leg and run back to Louis and her mother. 

"he loves us Lo-wee!" her mother looked shocked at her little girl. "he can be our daddy!" she quickly grabbed her daughers hand and walked away while Lizzy kept waving at the man, knowing he loved them more than her and Louis' father did. 


End Flashback! 


In the middle of the night she woke up and searched for some light to fill the darkness. She finally found a light switch and she turned the light on. Now she was finally able to see something and she looked trough the room she was in.


She still remembered that she was with the boy that saved her and that promised to help find Kim back. She looker at his nighstand and saw several pictures of him with little girls that looked a lot like him. Must be his sisters. 


But one picture shocked her; a six year old boy with his smiling two year old sister. Both smiling widely. 

The girl wore a pink princess dress and had two braids in her hair while the boy wore normal cloths, still fancy enough for a picture like this. 


At the bottom of the picture there was something written. 


"Lizzy, where is that big smile everybody loves?" 




That's in for this time! I hope you all liked this chapter from me! 


Xx SummerxLover 

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