Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


2. Family ends with "I love you"

"Guess who is here, Liz!?" a woman with brown long hair and green eyes said. She looked really pretty, but old. 

"Who mommy?" My tiny voice said, showing I was less than 3 years old.

"Hello princess!" A boy with blue eyes and brown hair said. He was looking older than me, but not much older. 

"Lo-wee!!" I screamed in joy! He patted my hair and gave me a chocolate, "Don't leave again, please!"

"I can't! I have to. But I will come back to visit again! don't worry!"

"No Lo-wee! you mine! you stay here"

"Sorry Lizzie! Lets go play now!" I was not very glad, but I nodded, and we both went on playing. My mother called us to come to the kitchen to eat. We were going to have some cake, which was still baking. The phone rang. 

"Guys you stay here, I'll go answer the phone." Mom said. We were waiting for her to come back when Louis noticed that the cake was starting to burn. 

"I'm going to call mom" He said.

After waiting for him for a long time to get mom, I decided to take the cake out. I carefully held the oven handle to open it, but it was too hot. I put on a kitchen glove, then tried again, this time succeeding. I was trying to the tray out when Mom came in, saw me and surprised me saying, "Ohemejee what are you doing Liz?" 

I was so surprised my hand hit the hot oven, causing a little burn on my wrist that was not covered my the glove. I started crying. Louis put my hand under cool water to cool it down then right inside the flour bag. It helped alot, that after 30 minutes It did not hurt anymore, but was still red.

"Hey look it looks like a heart!" Louis exclaimed. The burn really was in a heart shape!

As the cake was burnt, we got some ice cream to enjoy! I tried to give Louis some with my spoon, ended up hitting his right cheek, with some cream on. We kept laughing then. 

In came an old man and ordered to have Louis gone now. I started crying, not wanting to let him go.
"Hey Liz stop it! lets say goodbye in a nice way! Louis will be back in the summer holidays. You know that he has to go to boarding school for best education don't you?" But I was not to stop crying.

He gave me a light kiss on the cheek, saying, "I'll come back with a present next time! bye!!"

"Come on say it to Louis! because family ends with...?" mom tried

"I wuff you", I sniffed. He smiled, blew a kiss to me and left. Dad took him and they drove off, leaving me crying, "Lo-weesh, no pwease! I want Lo-wee!" 


"Liz! Lizanna! wake up!!", I heard Kimberly wake me up. 

"Oh! morning!" I said, surprised by having her in the orphanage with me!

"Oh my god look at you! your face is all wet!!"

"I was having a weird dream" after telling her the whole dream she exclaimed:

"That was why you were shouting: "Louis, no brother please stay here, I want louis""

Louis is not my brother. I think he was only a childhood friend that's all."

"No believe me he is your brother"

"Is not!"

"Is!!" then we both laughed at how lame we were, fighting at such a thing. We went out to the lunch room to eat, Kimberly joining us today. I took my fork and stabbed through the chocolate pancakes, when I noticed something. On my wrist was a heart-shaped burned spot. 

First chapter ^^ what do you guys think? I hope you are enjoying reading this as much as I am enjoying writing it! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! That is my new year gift to you guys! don't forget to heart, favo and comment what your new year resolutions are ;) 


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