Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


19. Dreams of the future?

Liz's P.O.V. 


I finally could sleep in peace again, no new nightmares about my parents dying, my family hating me, my life being a living hell. 

My life is perfect for the first time since I was a toddler. Maybe it was meant to be that my life was a hell, so I would learn to apreciate all the small things in life. I only have to learn to not be scared of all the new things that will be thrown at me. Life will be really different. 


I now have a brother that is one of the members of One Direction... A few weeks ago I was dreaming of ending my life and now I met my mother and father. Along with my big brother, the one that I believe was my world back when I was little. 



"what!" I looked up and saw Louis looking at me. Shocked, scared and angry. "Please say this is a joke!" I back away from him scared like hell. 
"Please Lou! I don't know how this is possible... Maybe the test is wrong?" I can hear the disbelieve in my own voice. The disbelieve but also the fear, not the fear for Louis who is angry like hell, but fear for what I found out... Fear for who is also part of this secret. 


"Be honest with me Lizanna," now I knew he was really serious. He never uses my full name, only Liz, or Lizzy. Never ever did he used my full name. "Be honest with me, it this... Is this his fault?" I could do nothing but nod and cry, hoping that Louis would feel a bit sorry for me and hug me, comfort me and tell me everything would be alright. But he didn't. He took one step closer to me, which gave me some hope, but that hope was crushed down when he shook his head and turned around, walking away from me. 

"this better not be true Lizanna. Really, if this is true, you are in so much trouble. And I am sure that he won't stand by you in it. He's a coward, leaves the people he pretends to love when times are tough." and I fall on my knees. Crying my heart out on the bathroom floor.



I wake up, sweaty and scared. What happened to me? When I finally have no more nightmares about my past I have dreams of... of my future? Or is this just a random dream, because of everything that happened in my life, in the past days. 


"Lizzy?" I look up and see three people standing in the door. Louis, Harry and a girl, I don't really know but she looks familiar to me. I try to blink my tears away when I see Louis. His face hols the exact same scared and shocked look as he had in my dream. 

"Baby what is wrong?" He makes his way to me and the moment he touches me I flinch in shock. Still scared of the Louis I dreamed of. What if it wasn't a dream, what if it happened in real life but I forgot about it, what if I did the same I did when I was back at the orphanage? Take so many pils that I would forget about all my pain and fears? 


 "Liz? Baby please, tell me what's wrong?" Now not only Louis comes to me but also Harry. The girl keeps standing at the door and looks at me with a look full of pitty. 

"Shhh, calm down princess" Louis trys to hug me but I don't let him. I move away from him and see the hurtful look in his eyes. I caused that hurt, but right now, I don't care about it at all. I only care about what happened in my dream and why Louis and Harry are here right now. 


I thought Harry had to promise Louis to stay away from me, to first prove that he had changed and that he was worthy being with me. If I even could trust him. He did knew Louis was looking for me. He almost forced me to come to that party and even though I am happy that I came there, I know have a real family, he petraid me, the person I loved set me up. Just to help his friend. 


"Lizzy? Are you okay?" Harry asks and I nod my head, even though it's obvious that I am not okay. I just hope that they will leave and that I can try to think about this on my own. 

"Liz you are not, please tell us, we want to help you" I keep shaking my head. 

"Harry I don't need your help! Why are you even here?" I say to the both of them and they take a step back quickly. 


"We, I wanted to check on you... Since all the changes that happened today... And he, he just stood here, I have no idea why." Louis said softly and then the girl finally made her way to me. 


"Lou, maybe you should give her some air? I can talk to her if you want to?" I look at the girl and smile a little. I have no idea who she is but I feel like I will get really close to her. 


"Lottie I know what to do okay! I have known her for longer than you have." "Yeah, and you are making her afraid of you right now so yeah, I think I can better do this." she pushes him off of the bed and to the door. 


"Same for you curly, I will talk to her for a little bit and then you might come back." they obied her, to my surprise. 



"Hey, I'm Lottie... I'm your sister" the girl said and hugged me tight. 

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