Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


15. Best Friends Don't Lie...


Kimberley´s P.O.V.


He left, about five minutes before Liz run in, pale face like she saw a ghost... 

I know I´m a bad friend, we promised to not have secrets. Nothing that could ruin our friendship... But I broke that promise.


But what would you have done? Louis Tomlinson asked my phone number, he said he'd call me, he called me babe and he kissed me! Not just a normal friendly kiss on my cheek but on my still smiling lips. I got kissed my Louis Tomlinson and I lied about it... 


But anyway, luckily Liz wasn't mad at me for leaving her in hospital, while I still felt bad about it... I left here when she was in almost the same situation as I am now... This must be karma, has to be. 


"I need to go now thought! Work work!!" Liz said after a couple minutes, her face pale and kind of shocked. I don't know why, she told me that she didn't do stupid things and I believed her... Was that a mistake, to believe the person that I see as my sister?


"Haha! Okay good luck! Bye" she waved and I laid back down again, waiting for someone to come and get me out of here because hospitals are boring as hell when you have no one to talk to. 

It was like I was talking to the devil... Only three minutes later I got a call which made me smile for atleast one hour straigt. Louis... 


"Hey angel how are you?" his beautiful voice sounded in my ear and I was fangirling from inside of me. 
"I'm fine, my friend just left and I'm kinda lonely in here but it's better now you call." this must sound to selfish and bitchy... Like he is all mine which he obviously in not...


"Good to hear that sweetheart, I'm sorry I left that quick but-" he left quick? He freaking slept in a chair to stay with me! That isn't quick at all... He could have slept in any expencive hotel of the world but he choose a chair and a thin blanket for me! 


"But I had to go, my friends wondered where I was." I smiled, not really knowing what to say. "It's okay Louis, I really don't mind. I think she would have freaked out if she saw you in here with me." I say giggling and I hear him chuckle, then a new voice comes trought the phone. 


"Louis why do I have to go?" was that Harry freaking Styles?!! Ok, I'm done. 


"Because if it really is here she won't- Well, just do it please, I need to see her again to check if it's really her." What? Was he talking about another girl while he knew I was on the phone. 


"Why is she so important Lou, I don't get it... First you were distracted when we had movie night, we weren't allowed to go upstairs and then you just run out in the middle of the night, coming back saying a girl is hit by a car." Harry sounded angry and confused, and so was I... Did he even ment anything of what he said to me an hour ago? 


"She is family... I haven't seen her in a while and we had a fight the last time I saw her, now she thinks I'm a dick because I'm famous and I wanted to prove her wrong. But she freaked out, don't ask me why because I honestly don't know it, and I can't lose her again. We used to be best buddies but now we're not, and I wish she would tell me why." he sounded upset, like he was almost crying. What if he is telling the truth and this is only a family issue? 


"Okay, I'll go. But only because I hate to see you upset. You know it kills me." then I heard a slam of a door and only Louis voice was left. 


"Kimmy? Are you still here?" he asked worried, obviously now realizing I heard everything he said. "Is she really just family, or did you just did what you did to me to make me feel better?" I asked softly and scared for his answer. What if he just played with me? 


"Yes she is family, are you crying babe? Please don't cry, I'm on my way right now and I will explain it to you. Please don't hate me, I did ment every word I said to you." I sniffed softly and wiped a tear away. 

"Really?" "Really" I smiled more and felt relieved again. "thank you Louis, but I gotta go now... The nurse told me to go to sleep but then you called." 
"I'm sorry, I didn't knew you had to sleep. Just text me when you can have visitors again." he wished me luck in there and I cancled the call... Falling asleep shortly after that. 



Harry's P.O.V.


Okay, looking for a girl that looks like Louis... Why did I had to do this? There are like billions or girls here and he wants me to find his cousin. And what if he really was a dick to her and she doesn't want to see him. I can't force her to do that... 


Maybe first a coffee is a good idea, I had to be there for a while though... 


"Hey...I'd like one...ummm" It finally was my turn but I really had no idea what to take. I haven't been at a starbucks for a while, way too busy with work and stuff. 

I heard a soft chuckle and looked up, seeing a pretty cute girl smiling at me. Maybe I could get a coffee and her? "What do you recommend I buy??" I asked with a wink. 


She even answered me! "the peppermint hot chocolate! Its great in this cold weather!! believe me!!" 

"Oh okay then! I'd like two of them."
"Oh and...can I have your phone number with them?" 
Would she give it?, "I'm sorry we don't sell these here"
She laughed "Okay you win!" I said smiling and walked away... I felt hurt from inside, I was freaking rejected! 


She didn't even went by to give me my two drinks... She send someone else and I had to leave, say that the second was for someone else that was waiting... I was embarrased by this girl, I totally forgot about the 'mission' Louis gave me. I guess I'd just lie and say I didn't found her, which wouldn't be a complete lie since I didn't found his cousin. 



I staid near to the starbucks for a couple hours, just in case I'd find a girl that would look like Louis, but I didn't... And then, a soft and cute sneeze made me look up and I saw the girl from before. 

"shut up curly it's not funny!" I smiled and walked to her. "My my you don't have to get s angry. A ride home with me to pay up for it maybe?"

"No thanks!" She didn't reacted and only checked the time on her phone, no way that there would be a way home for her at this time of the evening... After five more minutes she finally gave in. 

"So beautiful isn't it?"
"uh-huh" she rolled her eyes at me and I chuckled. 

"So...wanna ride now? there is no one coming believe me!" She sighed and nodded her head. 


"Okay curly... But only today" I laughed and showed the way to my car. "There you go pretty lady, and can I now know your name?" she rolled her eyes again but didn't answered my question. 


"Please? Then I won't ask for anything again as long as you are in my car!" I almost begged her and I saw her slightly smiling. 


"If I say my name, will you stop flirting with me?" Me, stop flirting?! Never... 

"Maybe, if that makes you happy sweetheart" she laughed and I felt warm inside, her laugh made me feel so gratefull I was in a car with her. 


"I'm Li-Elizabeth..." she said blushing. "such a beautiful name, a royal name... Any chanCe you are family to the queen?" she laughed and shook her head.


"Nope, just a normal family without any fame or glamour." her smiled seemed to fade a little while talking about her family. 
"You okay?" she nodded softly. "Yes, just thinking about someone I lost in my family, a really long time ago." I nodded my head and took her hand in mine. 

"I'm sorry for you, but I'm sure he or she will be looking over you right now. I promise you" she smiled at me and finally I saw a honest smile in her eyes. 

"Where do you live? I will bring you home, you look tired." she smiled again. "thank you... I live four blocks from here" she told me the address and I quickly drove there, I know I wanted to stay with her for as long as I could but I had to think about her first. She seemed tired, upset and confused by something... Luckily she didn't screamed in my face for the fact that I am who I am... 



"Thank you... Really thank you, maybe we will see each other at the starbucks" she said and I gave her a quick hug. "No problem darling, I will see you for sure!" she blushed and smiled at me. 

"See you later, thank you for bringing me home." I laughed and left again, I lost her, maybe I'd never see her again but atleast I helped her with this. 



Louis's P.O.V.


"How do you mean you didn't found her! She works there!!!" Harry just stood there with a stupid sad smile on his face. 

"She fucking works there, did you even looked or just drank coffee and went home again!" I yelled at him, really angry. 


"Louis, why so angry over just a cousin?! You can ask your mom or someone else for her phone number, if she really is a cousin and you really wanna make things up with her." but I couldn't ask for her number... 


"she really is my cousin Harry! Why would I lie?" Good question, why didn't I told him it was my sister? He would have understood me then... But I lied, to my best friend. 


"Dunno, but I haven't seen her today, I'm sorry Lou." then we walked to his car again. "I will talk to you later, if you have calmed down and tried to get in touch with her by using your family."

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