Family changes - Louis Tomlinson (And a little of Harry Styles)

This is about Liz, she´s an orphan from the moment her parents died and she got dropped of at the orphanage.

She doesn´t believes in her family but her friend does.

After a long and hard journy she finds them.

Liz finds her family and maybe even love...

She wasn´t alone anymore, she had a lastname after fifteen years.

Her lastname is Tomlinson.


1. Halfway there, Here I'll start again

"So... Mum what's going on?" he closed the door. "And who are you?" he asked us. My best friend punshed my waist as a sign that this was my moment. I looked up and our eyes met each other.

"Liz? Lizanna?" he whispered and he passed out.

Hey everybody! 

This may seem a bit of a strange part to start this but I kind of want to base this story on flashbackes till I get to this point again and move on further with Liz's life. 

Give me your oppinion and leave a comment if you want to be part of this story because I'm all in for sugestions! 

The boys do NOT have girlfriend in this. Not that I don't like the girlfriend they have in real live but just to give more people the chance to date their favourite member because now there are only 2 single sexy boys left! hihihi! 

I hope you like it and comment and vote and become a fan! I love you all so much and just enjoy yourselves with this brand new storty called: 
Family Changes


Xx SummerxLover

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