Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


1. The night they died

Zoe's (P.O.V)

My eyes watered at the sight I saw before me my parents dead lifeless and flowing in a pool of their own blood I choked on a sob ''Mom? Dad?'' I cried out knowing I wouldn't get a reply from them I quickly pulled out my phone and called the cops and told them where I lived they were there within five minutes. ''Miss do u know what happened?'' an officer asked me ''no I came home from to school not expecting to find my parents dead why do u know how they were killed?'' I asked him ''well the autopsy says that they were shot and stabbed to death but my question is why did anyone hate or really dislike your parents?'' the officer asks ''not that I know of my parents were friends with everyone and they were super nice to everyone too so I don't see why someone would want to kill my parents'' I explained ''sir we found something'' another officer said walking in with an amulet necklace ''miss Brown do you know what that is?'' ''I can't believe it it's an amulet but why is it here?'' I ask myself then turn to the officer ''do you have a place where I can sleep for the night I can't stay here it's too painful'' I cried out ''sure miss follow me and I'll drive you there for the night. That night I was never the same again but at the same time that night was the night that changed my whole entire life.

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