Someone hear my cry for help

When 16 year old Zoe is suddenly orphaned what is she to do she has to figure out why she keeps transforming into a wolf at night and why the new guy at school seems to know everything about her and why it feels like everyone is out to get her.


5. The night of the full moon

Zoe's (p.o.v.)

Okay is it just me or is the new kid into me or something cause I swear he's been starring at me non stop and it kind of creeps me out cause I have never ever had attention from a guy in like a whole year I sigh out loud in frustration then shyly look up to see Nate looking at me I blush looking back down at my notebook which I noticed had a doodle of the amulet I usually dream about every night ''Okay class today we are going to sing a song called No Air...'' that was all I heard before I zoned out ignoring the teacher and starring out the window to see a family of birds in a nest in the school's trees I smile sadly ''I wish I had a family'' I whisper to myself then from the corner of my eye I notice Nate smiling sadly at me almost as if he knew how I felt then he looked down writing something down in his notebook and tore the paper out then passed it to me I caught it before it dropped to the floor I looked at him and he just winked so I shrugged and opened the folded note it said:

cheer up besides you look

better with a smile on your face

it brings out your eyes -Nate :) xoxoxox

I blushed at the note then looked up at him and smiled a little he smiled back with a thumbs up and a goofy face which caused me to giggle a little he chuckled at me. At lunch Nate once again sat next to me ''so how was your day today?'' he asked sitting down next to me ''besides this morning crappy'' I reply to him he just sighs then hugs me which I tense up at first but then slowly relax and hug him back and for someone I let it all out I sob in to his shirt all the anger pain and loneliness I have felt ever since I lost my parents and Nate just sat there holding me as if he knew how I felt I stop crying for a minute and look up to get lost in his eyes ´´I´m sorry for sobbing in your shirt´´ I croaked out ´´no problem Zoe´´ Nate replied to me I smile a Little at him and he smiles back at me. Later on that day I prepared to take a walk in the forrest my breath is taken away when I look up at the moon it was shining so bright tonight then I frown as a wierd feeling comes over me I looked down only to gasps as I see a paw ´´what the´´ I was about to say only to hear a coulpe of barks and growls come out I ran over to the lake and look at my reflection I move away when I see a pure White Wolf starring back at me then my ears perk up at the sound of footsteps I look up to see Dakota who freezes up before slowly walking up to me with his hand out my instincts tell me to sniff his hand then hide which is what I did ´´wait I don´t mean you any harm come on girl´´ he calls out slowly I come out of hiding then walk up to him he looks into my eyes ´´you´re eyes are just like hers like Zoe´s´´ he croaks out then he burts into tears ´´oh god I´m a terrible person I never really ment to hurt her it´s just the pressure of popularity got to me and I became a monster to her every time I´m near her I see fear in her goddamn eyes and its all my fault that she is afraid of me´´ he sobs my heart breaks a Little at his confession and I whine nuzzling his hand Dakota drops to his knees and hugs me around my neck ´´ I´m going to apologize to her and stop being someone I´m not and I am going to dump Ashleigh´´ he rants and I just sit there listening ´´do you have a name...´´ he asks I was going to nod yes but then decide against it and nod no ´´hmmm how about I call you Jade´´he says and bark with approval Dakota grins ´´well I´m going to let you go for the night I have some thinking to do thanks Jade and night´´ Dakota says heading home I bark one more time then watch as he leaves when he´s finally gone I transform back to my human form ´´what am I´´I whisper to myself before going home. 


Hello my dear readers thanks for Reading so far and I would like feedback so please comment on what you think so far and what needs to improve and happy early valentines day.

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