Who does my heart belong to?

Kylie is a normal girl until one day she has to pick between her boyfriend Niall or her best friend Harry ....


6. Chapter 6

Kylie's Pov :

Finally i reached niall's house, as I walk into the house, the lights were closed and candles were lit up into a path, i followed the path which led to the living room, when i reached the living room I see niall sitting down on the couch with a silly look on his face, i giggled and sat next to him, he kissed my forehead and said movie night ?. I helped Niall blow out the candles, now is the hard part, picking which movie to watch, we got all the disney movies we could find, the last three were : Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid. "I think we should watch tangled because rapunzel reminds me of you" niall said " Why" I said " because you have the same hair but yours is shorter and your eyes change sometimes their blue and sometimes their green and you have the same personality" 

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