Who does my heart belong to?

Kylie is a normal girl until one day she has to pick between her boyfriend Niall or her best friend Harry ....


4. Chapter 4

When i finished packing I called Niall ( Niall asked me to stay with him over break so thats why i didn't call him before i packed) after 2 rings i hear his voice " hey" he said "hi niall i just wanted to ask you if can stay with you over the break because" "YES of course you can" he said before i can finish the sentence, i smiled and said " I will be there in 30 minutes byeeeeee" we hung up and got my handbag and i stared at the bag for a while Niall got it for me on my birthday , after i finished putting things in my bag i went down stairs and put my bags down and told my parents to have a good time and they left, i went to the kitchen and got an apple, i was walking to the living room when gabi hugged me and told me she will miss me i told her "everything will be fine what do you think about you, niall and i go ice skating sunday" she smiled so big and said "yes yes yes" i sat down on the couch waiting for my aunt to show up, i look up from my phone and say " ugh where is she " its ok kylie you can go i will look after gabi till she comes " austin says, i smiled and thanked him, i got into my car drove to niall's house 


(A/N) hey guys so here's the update sorry i didn't update yesterday i was so tired :)

Kylie's bag :


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