Who does my heart belong to?

Kylie is a normal girl until one day she has to pick between her boyfriend Niall or her best friend Harry ....


3. Chapter 3

Kylie's pov 

3..2..1 the bell rang, I was so happy finally last lesson of math for the year of 2013 and it's lunch " I'm so hungry" i say to Niall and Harry they both chuckled " then lets go your not the only one who's hungry" Niall said we held hands and went to lunch, we waited in the lunch line for about 5 minutes people these days can't pick what to eat, we finally got our food and sat in our lunch table, were senior's so we get the big table so it was niall, harry, riley, alison, hailey , sally ( or sue thats her nickname ) and diana & Niall and harry's friends logan, jake ( A/N the one's from vine logan paul and jake paul) marcus, nash, matt, brent ( A/N i have an obsession with vine btw), I sit between niall and harry, after we finished lunch we can go home, I got in my car and drove to my house, i opened the front door and my mom tells me that their going to go to NYC ( by their i mean mom and dad) for the week and gabi is going to my aunt's house and austin is staying at his friends house so I can stay with niall for the whole winter break, I went to my room and started packing my bags.


(A/N) its finally 2014, I will try to updated everyday but school is starting soon but i will keep trying :)

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