I'm his favorite girl

Amalia is just a normal belieber like the rest of us until……


3. The best day

Today was the day!!! The best day in my life! i took my new clothes on, a pink pair of high heels and put my hair in a messy pony tail. I looked in the mirror and for the first time in a while i was confident. I put some mascara on and some baby lips. There was under 6 hour to i could hug my idol. My biggest dream since 2009.


Dad: Amalia are you ready??? we need to drive now because there is 4 hours to Copenhagen.

Me: I'm coming daddy

I ran down the stairs so fast as possible in a pair of stilettos. I took my jacket and walked fast to the car. I slapped my self just because i was afraid that this was a dream. 4 hours later we arrived to Copenhagen. There were police everywhere because 45.000 people was going to the show. I was going to met my cousin outside the stadium. I sad goodbye to my dad and when i saw my cousin Sarah we both screamed. There were a long queue in front of the meet and greet entrance. An hour later it was finally time. I was so nervous but still excited :) 



Then i saw him everything stood still. I looked at him while he was taken pictures with some beliebers. He looked up and our eyes met each other. He smiled at me. I didn't thought it was possible but i fall deeply in love with him. Not like before with posters. No it was different. He looked to the camera again i came back to reality.

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