I'm his favorite girl

Amalia is just a normal belieber like the rest of us until……


5. On less lonely girl

Alfredo took my hand and said "you walk outside to the chair and then justin will do the rest. This is all most the same as my world tour if you know what i mean?" i nodded and trying to get control over my body.

Suddenly alfredo said go and there was no way back. I walked outside and was almost blown away of all that screaming. I saw the chair and focused on that. I could hear justin somewhere but i couldn't see him. I looked confused after him and finally i found him. He was so hot that i could die and i fell deeply in love like meet and greet. He walked slowly against me and he looked deep in my eyes. He caressed my cheek. I was so deeply in love with his eyes that i forgot the screaming girl and the show. All i saw was his brown eyes looking at me. 

Suddenly he stopped singing and i realized i was over. I was on my way backstage when jb took my hand and stopped me

Justin: I know this is weird and i never tried it before, but...

All the girl screamed and i was so confused

Justin: i met this girl earlier and  i can't stop thinking about her and now she is my one less lonely girl. What is your name sweetheart?

Me: My my my name is Ammmm amalia

Justin: amalie would you like to go on a date with me. You are special…..




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