I'm his favorite girl

Amalia is just a normal belieber like the rest of us until……


1. Belieber

My room was one big mess. My Justin Bieber posters was all over the room, my cd's was on the floor and all my t-shirts was all over the bed. It took me hours to fix but finally it was done. I could't see my wall anymore because there was to many posters…. oops :) It was perfect. I laid down on my bed and looked at the soft brown eyes everywhere. He was just perfect. The love of my life. I walked out to my mum in the kitchen and turned up the radio. I couldn't wait to the new Justin Bieber radio channel was released. There was only a 1D channel and that wasn't my style (no hate) Suddenly a Justin Bieber song was all over the house.


Me: what's hatnin' what's hatnin' baby girl what's hatnin

Mum: Turn down the music darling! i can't hear my self think!!! 

Me: but mum??? i love this song

Mum: you can hear it in your own room



I was mad now. I know she hated JB but why couldn't she understand that i love him?

i walked up to my room and played What's Hatnin' so loud as possible. After the song a man said "Justin Bieber is finally going on tour again and he is coming to Denmark on his journals tour!! you can buy the tickets the 2nd january on (danish: billetnet.dk) ticketsnet.com" I couldn't believe it!!!! justin was coming back soon!!!! to little boring Denmark. I started to cry of happiness



*I got a better idea so i deleted the first. It was to messy anyway* I hope you can see yourself as the crazy fangirl<3 


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