Outfit Ideas

I love putting outfits together and doing that sort of thing, so I decided to make a movella for it.
What you have to do is comment your personality and what your fave colour is, and I'll put an outfit that I think suits you together!
Please remember to like, fave, and most important, COMMENT <3
Thank you :* xx


1. Info You Need

You know what to do...

If not, then I'll explain;


I doubt anyone has done a movella like this one, so I thought I would. What you have to do is leave a comment explaining your likes, dislikes, personality, fave colour and anything else you think I should know.


Then, I'll look through the internet or somewhere and find an outfit that you would look good in. So please do remember to comment, or else I might just delete this book :(


Anyways, thank you, please like, fave and COMMENT!


Byebye <3

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