You and I <3

Emily a 20 year old girl from LA gets a job as a H&M model and gets to model for the customers. One day her brother Josh introduces her to niall. lets see where this is headed


2. Work was such a drag :/

When I got to forever 21 I greet my manager Lisa.

" Hey Lisa what do I have to do today" I say as I check in

" Oh just the usual you have to greet the costumers " she answers and gives me an outfit

"Wear this and greet them" she says and smiles

I put on this outfit and it looks okay its a black skater skirt red toms and a black and white polka dot long sleeve. wow.

When its 12:00am There is a bunch of people here WOW.

"Welcome to Forever 21 here is our special offers hope you enjoy it" I say cheerfully

When customers got out of the store its started to fade out. It was 7:00pm and I was tired. Lisa gave me my check and closed the store.

"Thank you Emily for helping out today I know it was full" she said tired

" Your welcome anything for you" I say cheerfully back I always have to speak positive around her or else she thinks bad of me. I walk back to my car and head home.

When I head home I get a call from Josh.

"Hey Em!" he calls

"Josh uh hey! when did you get home sorry I didnt get to see you" I say apoligizing.

" ahh its okay I got home at 12:00pm wish you were here with us" he says a little down

" uh hey I have the week off I probably can come over ehe" I say

" WOW thats cool" he says delighted

" I will probably go back to London on Monday okay?"

" Yes! Also I want you meet people" he says

" Okay Josh bye I will call you when I ge onboard.. Love you" I say

"Bye Emily" he says and hangs...

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