You and I <3

Emily a 20 year old girl from LA gets a job as a H&M model and gets to model for the customers. One day her brother Josh introduces her to niall. lets see where this is headed


1. Good Morning :)

I cuddled up in my warm fuzzy blankets. I wondered what would the world be like without love or peace? I shudder into that thought. My alarm awakens me by the Marimba sound my dog sydney stretches her little stubble legs and rolls over for a scratch. I remember when I first got her. My brother Josh gave me sydney before he went on tour. Thats right he is on tour with the biggest boyband ever One direction. I never met the band but I want to. Josh is back home now. I work as a model in Forever 21 I stand outside giving coupons and greeting customers. I sometimes work as the cashier there. Every Fridays and Saturdays. I also do photo shoots. Anyways I am 20 years old I wanted to head off for my own since I finished high school I got the money for this house by my mom and dad. I am from London my dad is half Irish and now I live in LA . My little sister Stephanie and my little brother Liam stayed. Just me and Josh out of the house.I get out of bed make my bed and go to the bathroom. I have to go to work at 9:00am its 7:30. I untangle my hair out of it's pony tail and strip off my clothes. I turn on the warm water and get in. I wash my body and condition my hair. 10 minutes after I close the water and put my towel on. I walk back to my room and change. Since its cold outside I put on Black jeggings a green jacket/coat a white long sleeve and some brown combat boots with my black scarf. I comb my hair and dry it. I put on some baby lips chapstick and some mascara. I was never a big fan of makeup but I just put a little. When I finish I go downstairs and make myself some eggs and bacon. I feed  sydney and eat my breakfast. When I am done I head to the bathroom brush my teeth go  pee and grab my keys my phone and handbag and head over to forever 21. When I get to the car I turn it on and play the radio. Story of my life comes on. I love this song so much One direction are like the best singers ever. Haha I head over to the busy mall.

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