Five months

Louis Tomlinson from the biggest Boyband in the world is going out with Eleanor j Calder, everything is going great but the problem is he has an alcohol addiction, which Eleanor is quite tired of. One day Louis, Eleanor, and the boys decide to go clubbing, louis gets drunk. What will happen when Eleanor finds out louis was cheating on her? Will Elounor break up? Will louis fix things or will he let alcohol ruin his life?


5. chapter 4

Eleanor's POV

My heart just stopped. The world stopped spinning. My blood is boiling. My vision become blurry. Louis just cheated on me. How dare he, we have been together for three years now.

"L-louis, how how could you?"

Louis quickly looked back at me and back at the whore.

His eyes widen and realises what he just did.

"E-Eleanor, it's not what it looks like..."

"Are you sure?! Because I see my boyfriend snogging some bitch off the street! I'm pretty sure that's what it is." I scoffed.

He sighed.

"Louis we've been together for three years! Three fucking years! How could you just cheat on me with some slut off the street?"

He looked down.

"Are you just going to stand there?!" I yelled.

I sighed the tears start to fall.

"Louis, i can't be with you anymore."

He quickly looked back up with a shocked expression.

"B-but you can't leave me!" He cried.

Are you kidding me? He just fucking cheated on me and expects me not to leave him!

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" I yelled. The anger boiling in me.

"Please..." He said.

"No louis, we are over. Don't ever talk to me ever again." I said.

I started to walk away, I was now outside.

"Eleanor! Wait!" Louis yelled.

Then I started to cry again while running.

Until I saw a bunch of paparazzi coming towards to louis they started to take pictures of him and the slut. And then one of them recognised me.

"Hey! It's louis tomlinson girlfriend Eleanor crying!" A paparazzi yelled. Suddenly all paparazzi ran to me. They all took pictures of me.

"Eleanor are you crying?"

"Eleanor why are you crying?"

"Eleanor why is louis crying?"

"Eleanor did you and louis break up?"

"Eleanor did he cheat on you with that lady?" They all asked at the same time

I rolled my eyes and put my hood on and started to run back to my car.

As I got into my car a few paparazzi a were still following me.

I looked out the window. "If you must know me and louis broke up." I said

They all stared at me and after a few seconds they were out of my hair.

I thought back at a while ago.

So, this is it. I'm never going to see louis ever again... I'm never going to be able to stare at those beautiful ocean blue eyes in an adoring way ever. I'm never going to be able to hear his voice. I'm not ever going to be able to see his face.

And I'm glad. What he did was so wrong,

"goodbye louis." I mumbled to myself. And then I drove off.

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