Five months

Louis Tomlinson from the biggest Boyband in the world is going out with Eleanor j Calder, everything is going great but the problem is he has an alcohol addiction, which Eleanor is quite tired of. One day Louis, Eleanor, and the boys decide to go clubbing, louis gets drunk. What will happen when Eleanor finds out louis was cheating on her? Will Elounor break up? Will louis fix things or will he let alcohol ruin his life?


3. chapter 2

Louis POV

"C'mon mate!" I said for the 5th time.

Trying to convince harry to go weigh me to the bar is very hard.

"No, you'll just get drunk louis!" He said annoyed.

I sighed.

"Please! I promise I won't get drunk!" I begged.

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You promise?" Harry asked.

"Yes I promise!" I half yelled.

He sighed. "Okay fine. But are you going to take el?" Harry asked.

"N-yes." I stuttered.

To be honest I was never planning in taking her. I just wanted it to be me and the boys, but now I guess I have to take her.

"Good." Harry said while smiling.

I should probably text her and tell her about it.

"Wait what time are we going?" Harry asked.

"At 8 pm." I said.

Harry looked at the clock.

"It's 6 pm, We should probably go get ready." He suggested.

"Yeah we should." I said looking at my iphone.

And then we both walked upstairs.

Eleanor's POV

As soon as I was about to cook dinner my phone rang.

I looked at the caller ID and it read "MyBooBear<3"

I smiled at the name I had chosen for him.

I picked it up.

"Hello?" Louis said.

"Hi boobear!" I said in a sweet tone.

" you want to like..go out somewhere?" He stuttered.

I smiled.

"Yeah sure, where?" I asked.

"Um..t-to a club." He said.

My smile went away.

"Louis, no." I said.

"C'mon el! The boys are going to be there! I'm not going to get drunk! I promise! Pleasssse?" He begged.

Rolled my eyes, as if he was able to see me.

"Fine. Only because you're not getting drunk okay."

"Yes!" Louis cheered on the other side of the line.

I chuckled.

"What time?" I asked.

"Oh I'll pick you up at 8 pm." He answered.

I looked at the time and saw that it was 6:10 pm.

I sighed.

"Okay. See you later." I said.

"Okay, bye el." He said.

"Bye, love you." I said smiling again.

"Love youuuu." He said.

I chuckled.

"Okay by love." I said and then I hung up.

Well I've got some time to get ready.

I looked inside my closet and found a little black dress, it didn't have anything on it, it was just a plain strapless black dress. I put it on and looked at myself on the mirror. It's a bit tight on me, but I don't mind it. It goes a little above my knee.

I frowned. It looked too plain. I thought for a moment.

Maybe I can where a black denim jacket. I looked for it in my closet, going through every single thing.

"Where is it?" I said to myself.


"C'mon." I said going through my shirts.

"Ah! Here it is!"

I put it on and looked at myself.

Looks good. Now what about shoes?

I sighed.

I went through pairs and found some ordinary black heals.

"This will do." I said.

I put them on and went to the bathroom. I grabbed my hair brush and started to brush it.

I decided on fish tail braiding my hair to the side. (Right side)

And then I put on make up.

Once I was done I looked at my reflection.

"Perfect." I said smiling.

I looked at the time on my iPhone and saw that it was 7:45. Louis should be here in like 15 minutes.

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