Far Enough

Anna was just a normal girl in high school, not popular but not a loser. She had an average boyfriend, average friends, and she looked average. Her life flips when her father tells her disturbing news. And her life isn't so average anymore.


2. Chapter 1

"And that's why the scientific method is so important." My science teacher drones on. Like anyone in here cares about the scientific method. I look over to my best friend who's seated across the room from me. She's twirling her brown wavy hair, flirting with the guy next to her. I roll my eyes and start to pack my books up before the bell rings. Quickly getting out of class I get excited to see my boyfriend. Just the other day he finally kissed me for the first time. Every day since, we have been making out. He's like the boy next door, or more like the boy across the street. Me and Tyler have been friends all our lives and it just seemed right to start dating. I plop myself on the bus and seconds later he's sitting next to me.

"Hey baby" he says as he kisses my forehead.

"How was your day?" I ask him. He makes a funny face that makes me laugh.

"Shitty, yours?"

"It's been okay." I smirk at him. He grabs my hand and traces circles. Next thing I know we are at our bus stop.

"Are we watching a movie tonight?" I ask him after we get off the bus. He smirks knowingly at me. 'Watching a movie" is code for our make out sessions.

"Only if you want to. Who's house?" He asks. I think if my parents are going to be home tonight.

"What day is it?"

"Wednesday, why?"

"My rents won't be home, they'll be on their motorcycles tonight." We continue to walk down the street hand in hand. I unlock my door and we step inside.

"Hello?" I ask wishful that my parents aren't home. No one answers. Letting go if my backpack so that it falls to the floor I take Ty's hand and I lead him to my room down the hall. Once we reach my room our lips crash. Not even bothering to put on a movie, we continue to kiss. Our mouths in sync. I break off the kiss.

"Let me put on some music." I say breathlessly. He just nods then gets comfortable on my bed. I smirk at him and plug my iPod into my speakers. Eminem starts to rap and I strut back over to Tyler.

"What time will your parents be back?" He asks.

"I don't know, they always come home at different times." I kneel on the bed and crawl up to him, claiming his mouth as my own. He groans and cups my ass as I trail my fingers through his brown hair that is in need of a trim.

"Anna? We're home!" My mom yells from down the hall. I sit up straight, Tyler and me must've fell asleep cuddling.

"Hey!" I yell so they know I'm here. Tyler wakes up immediately and looks at me in horror. Boy weren't allowed in my room. It wasn't like my parents didn't like Tyler, they thought it was great that I was dating him. But the no boys in the room rule stayed the same. I shoo him into my walk-in-closet and seconds laters my mom walks into my room.

"How was your night?" She asks.

"Okay. Yours?" I ask, just to be polite. She goes on and on about her and dad's bike ride. When she finally leaves the room I usher Tyler out the window. We've done this before, I was very lucky to live on the bottom floor.

"Night baby." He whispers then kisses me before he leaves.

"Night Ty." I whisper once he's on the ground. He's tall enough that his face is still in the middle of the window. If it were me I probably wouldn't reach the bottom. I wave to him as he runs across the street to his quaint white house. I flop onto my bed and look at the time. Ten o'clock. Bedtime. I look around all my pictures turn off then lights after stripping down to my skivvies and fall asleep.

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