Nobody Sees, Nobody Knows.

Everyone talks about the ship name, Larry Stylinson right? Well people say it's real, and others say it's fake and will never be real. This story is about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and everything they've been through, the rumors, and just their story.


1. Harry, we cant.


 -Louis's pov- 

 "Harry, we can't be here! Fans will see us! We have to go now!" I grabbed Harry's hand and tried pulling him.

 "Louis, we can't hide forever!" He says. 

 "I know but not yet Haz.." 

 "Fine, let's get going boo bear."

 Harry and I like each other. We can't come out and say though that'd be way too much for the fans. I'm kinda scared to what they would do or say if we did just come out. We're in a band obviously, our management knows and their scared if we do come out and say we're gay or whatever we would loose fans. I don't think we would though. 

 ~Next day~ 

 Today we have an interview with GMA, (Good Morning America). We're suppose to perform too. Liam, Niall and I are sharing a hotel room and Zayn and Harry are sharing a room. 

 "LOUAYYY!" Harry shouted as he walked into my room. 

 "Yes?" I said pulling a shirt over my head. 

 "Hi." He smirked. 

 "Hello Haz." I smiled back. 

 "What time do we leave?" Harry asked on flopped on my bed. 

 "Ummmm, it's 11 now sooo like 11:45, why?" 

 "Just wondering." 

 I nodded. 

 "So where is everyone else?" Harry walked into the kitchen. 

 "Starbucks run." I laughed. 

 "Oh... you know what that means?" Harry raised his eye brows up and down.

 "No. What?" 

 "We can have some privacy..." Harry picked me up over his shoulder and threw me on my bed. 

 "Harry what are you doing?" I asked confused. 

 He kissed me, and then we were shortly making out.

 "Harry.." I said between breathes, "What if they.. see us.." 

 "We'll stop before they can." He was on top of me and kissed me harder. 

 All of a sudden someone knocked on the door, and said, "Louis! It's us." Niall shouted. 

 "Get up Harold, I have to get the door." I laughed trying to push him off of me. 

 "Ugh, fiiine." 

 I got up and flung the door open and Niall, Liam, and Zayn walked in with 5 Starbucks drinks. 

 "Vanilla Bean for Lou," Niall handed me my drink. 

 "Peppermint Mocha for Harry," Liam said. 

 "Gingerbread Latte for me," Zayn laughed. 

 "Caramel Brulee Latte for Liam," Niall said. 

 "And finally, Eggnog Latte for Nialler." Zayn passed him his drink. 

 "Dude, you're the only person I know who would get an Eggnog Latte... that's fucking gross." Harry laughed and sipped his drink. 

 "Whatever peppermint." Niall said, and we all laughed. 

 "Oh shit, we have to get going!" I said while looking at my watch. 

 We all hurried down stairs to our car and packed in. We finally made it to GMA. 


 "Man, interviews make me so hungry!" Niall whined as we drove back to the hotel. 

 "EVERYTHING makes you hungry!" Liam laughed. 

 "What the fuck ever." Niall laughs. 

 Me and Harry were making faces at eachother during the ride, he sat in the passenger seat and put his mirror down so he could see me in back. 

 Harry made a funny face that made me crack up. 

 "Uh mate what's so funny?" Zayn asked confused.

 "Ah- uh nothing." I calmed myself down. 

 "Ah man finally!" Niall hopped out of the car because we just got back to the hotel. 

 Paul came to the doors and escorted us inside because it was filled with fans. We all went up to Liam, Nialls and I's room. 

 "HOLY SHIT IM STARVING MAKE ME FOOD HARRY!," Niall screamed as we got inside. 

 "Let's order a pizza!" I suggested. 

 "Orrrr we can have Paul go and get something for us?" Zayn laughed.

 "Okay, I'll him, one sec." Liam dialed pauls number. 

 "Ahh,  Paul, listen... me and the guys are hungry can you run to panda? we want panda." Liam continues through the phone. 

 "Get a plate for Niall, and 2 other plates, me louis harry and zayn can share them. Thank ya paul!" Liam hung up.

 "Aw Li you got me my own plate!" Niall laughs. 

 "Yeah well... we dont want this to turn into the hunger games with you!" We all laughed. 

 I went into my room to get changed, I got a text from management saying I have to take Eleanor out to dinner tonight. I don't mind though, I mean me and Eleanor aren't really together, but we have to pretend to be. She's a really nice girl, she's pretty, funny and smart. I like hanging out with her though. 

 I texted Ele to tell her. 

 To: Eleanor. 

 "Hey.(: we have to go to dinner tonight, I'll pick you up around 7ish, is that good?" 

 From: Eleanor. 

 "Hey lou! and okay, yeah sure sounds good. see you then!(:" 

 I put my phone on the charger and got changed into grey sweats, black t-shirt, and black socks. I laid down on my bed and just closed my eyes for a bit. 



   (hi guys! so what do you think of this? do you like it or not..? please tell me if i should keep writing this or not. thanks!)(: 



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