Fairytales Of Our Future

Once apon a time, people believed in fairytales. They believed it's all true. They thought that with a click of your fingers, you can fly; with a true love's kiss, you can wake from a poisoned apple.

But did they know that with one swift smile, you can fall like you've never fell before? Because that is true!


2. Role Playing For Our Lives

Miranda's POV


The name's Miranda. Miranda Sycs! I'm a spy. But only us girls in the spy school know about that. In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I go to a girls' spy school called Green's Girl Academy For Young Spies! That's what it's really called, but in the public eye, we're Green's Girl Academy For Young Learners!See the difference? It's for girls without parents, anywhere to stay or a home, but only those with talent succeed in entering. You must be able to use all the equipment correctly, be able to run fast, jump high, and creep around quietly. That's what a spy is. You ought to learn to deal with it.


I quickly threw on my school jumper, pinned my badge on and tied my black, straight hair up in a high pony tail, jumped into my skirt and slipped on my matching shoes to all the other girls.


''Girls, this is head teacher, Avalan Green, please listen up!'' The speaker spoke, catching our attention. ''We have visitors in three hours, meaning we need our disgiuses... You know what to do!'' I looked around at all the familiar faces and ran to my dorm room, meeting up with Donica, my room-mate.


''You ready?'' She winked, making me chuckle.


''Oh, I was born ready!'' I insisted, before getting to work.


We both pushed our little red buttons, as our beds lifted around, so that you couldn't see any of the gadgets, before they came back out looking bare. I then looked after our desk, pushing it into the gap in the wall, and pulling out the innocent version.


''Ok, at the count of three!'' Donica nodded once, before mouthing 1, 2, 3! As soon as the 'three' rang in our ears, we lifted our huge screen for communication skills and pushed into our wardrobe, pushing the little taps, securing it in place so that it doesn't get grazed, or fall off. We collected all our gadgets and wrapped them in their disguising outfits, placing them in place. I stood up straight and looked around the room, grouching at the pink, innocent looking room before me.


''It's only for a while.'' Donica shrugged, gulping loudly, hating the sight as well. I sighed and followed her out of the room and meeting up with the other girls. We all gathered in the Main Hall, waiting for the 'visitors' to arrive. After a while, Avalan Green jumped onto the little step/podium and coughed slightly for our attention. All heads turned and she smiled warmly.


''Hello, ladies! Let me welcome for you... Ms Lincast! She will be an inspector of our teaching for a while, so please respect her! Thank you.'' Her voice rung out, before a tall woman came in from the big doors. We all role-played and clapped, smiling at her, but we all knew we hated her already. All inspectors come in all smiles and leave grouching. I looked over at Donica and saw her roll her eyes at me, making me chuckle quietly. Some other girls stiffled a laugh, and Donica winked.


''Alright, off to your lessons.'' Avalan gave us all a stern look saying go along with it. Normally, I would go to boxing class, but it looks like we'll be spending Monday morning in Theology and Ethics, otherwise known as R.E!

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