I dont bite (larry stylinson)

"Are you scared of me?"
"No" he lied
"I think your lying"he smirked and got closer
" OK then so you like me?"Louis asked
"Yes"he turned his head in fear
"Its alright, I don't bite." Louis said and left harry there all flustered.


1. I like you.....your cute

Harry's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was just walking around the school because he was early as usual. It was really starting to get boring.While on his way to his first class to help set up I saw something . He walked up to the door and peeked inside and LOUIS TOMLINSON!!! Now most people see him as the badass eye candy of the school but what really surprised him was he was kissing a BOY. Nobody suspects that all people of Louis Tomlinson to gay, or maybe he's just bi. I'll confront him about I later .......Not! Dude I'm the nerd do you do you really think I'm going to do that? Besides I'm also bi so nothing against him. Shiit,. Can't moss first period.if I'm late it will mess up my whole record.Louis will just have to wait.
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