Is he the one?

Isabella is treated like a piece of dirt at home. One day she decides to run away. Soon she comes to a place where she meets Zayn. They become close and she begins to wonder, is he the one?


1. leaving home

Isabella's POV:

"Isabella get down stairs now!" Called my step mom.

I was adopted at ten when my parents died in a fire. These two.... people took me in. I've been abused so many times I've lost track. Kicked in the stomach, punched, slapped, locked in closets or rooms, it's terrible. When she called my name I knew I was going to get abused.

I walked out of my very small room and approached my step mom.

With a slap across the face she said, " Why aren't these bathrooms clean?!"

" I-I'm sorry ma'am. I'll get to work right away." I stuttered

She slapped my pale face again. " You bet you will missy! Go. Now!"

I walked away quickly from Emily quickly. That's her name. She has long blonde hair but not a very pretty face. She was tall but on the chubby side. Her and her husband Rob were both alcoholics. They drank all day and punished me.

I was headed to the first bathroom to grab some cleaning things but Rob stopped me in my tracks.

" Where are you going girl?" He questioned in a rude tone.

" I'm cleaning the bathrooms sir. May I please continue my job? " I replied

" Do not back talk to me like that! " he yelled and kicked my leg.

I fell and he left laughing. I slowly got up and continued, limping, to the bathroom.

I locked the door when I got in there and began to cry. I didn't even back talk and I get kicked for no apparent reason! I had to get out of there. I stood, unlocked the door, and peaked my head out. I didn't hear anything or see anyone. They probably left for the store to go buy more alcohol. I walked out a tip toed to my room quietly just incase Rob or Emily were there.

I quickly grabbed a bag from my closet and about one week of clothes, 4 pairs of pajamas, my phone, one direction posters, and a box of pads.

I heard a garage door lift open. I had to hurry. I opened my window, looked back to my old room, and climbed out. I kept running and running for about an hour. It was spring so it wasn't to hot or cold when I ran.

After that I began to walk. I was crying tears of sadness and joy. I had finally escaped but I now had no where to live. All of my family was in America and I was currently in London.

I tried to call my fried Rachel but she didn't answer. Anyway I wouldn't be able to go there because Rob and Emily would come looking for me there.

Zayn's POV:

The boys and I were all hanging out at Liam's house for two weeks until we all leave to go to our beach house.

Niall came into the bedroom I was staying in and jumped onto the bed to wake me up.

" Dude, I'm hungry come downstairs with me to grab something." He said in his strong Irish accent.

" Why exactly can't you go by yourself?" I asked kicking him off the bed. I got up to and went down stairs with him because I was also a bit hungry.

I looked out the window and saw a girl crying in a bench in the park across the street.

" I'll be right back Niall." I stated.

I walked out the door and walked across the street. Without her noticing I sat next to her. After about a minute she stopped crying and looked at me. There was fear in her eyes.

" How long have you been sitting here and oh my god... Your.... Zayn..." She said

I chuckled and said, " About a minute. Are you ok? I saw you from across the street."

" Not really. I ran away. "

" Why?" I was wondering why someone as pretty as her ran away. She was beautiful. She had long brown hair and very beautiful green eyes.

" My parents... Well my foster parents have abused me since I was 10. I finally decided to run away." She said.

I couldn't answer I was shocked. No one deserves that especially this girl.

" Would you like to stay with us? I mean it's the least I could do." I said

" Me? Staying with Zayn Malik from my favorite band One Direction? I couldn't I wouldn't want to intrude you." She replied

" No it's perfectly fine we wouldn't mind." I told her.

"Ok but I'm going to get a job as soon as possible to pay you back for staying!" She said

"Oh it's not my house by the way. Haha." I replied.

Isabella's POV:

I can't believe Zayn Malik just invited me to stay with him! I feel so guilty though. I don't have a job or money to pay back whoever own the house.

He gave me a hug, took my hand and took me to the house. It was huge. I stared in awe at it.

Zayn gave me a tour of the house. First to the kitchen. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped through the floor when I saw Niall standing there reading the instructions to make pizza rolls.

"Niall this is umm... What's your name love I never asked you before I'm sorry." He said

"Isabella. But you guys can call me Izzy. And very nice to meet you Niall." I said stunned.

Niall laughed and held out his hand to shake. I was shaking it as soon as he held it out. I was embarrassed and blushed. Zayn and Niall both laughed then Zayn took me to the next room.

We went into the living room. It was huge. There was a huge tv and a sofa and a table in the middle of the room.

Next we went upstairs. He showed me to his room. He said to but my bag by the bed. There was a couch and nightstand also in his room.

"You'll be sleeping on the bed. I can sleep on the couch in here." He said.

"Ok. Thank you so so much I really appreciate it!" I said hugging him. "I'm hungry could I have a snack I haven't eaten for a while. Sorry."

"Sure! It's ok go head on right down stairs."

Louis' POV:

It was about noon and I had just woke up. I went down stairs in my pajama pants. I sat on the couch and yawned.

Pretty soon a girl came out of Zayn's room and headed down stairs. She was beautiful.

"Hello. What's your name?" I asked her.

She stared but Niall interrupted, "Her name is Isabella but call her Izzy." Then he shoved pizza rolls into his mouth.

She giggled and said, "Yea. And your Louis Tomlinson." She was smiling ear to ear. She had a very pretty smile.

"Yes ma'am. I am wondering why are you here with Zayn?" I asked.

I saw tears form in her eyes. "Nice going Louis." I thought to myself. She turned and ran upstairs.

Izzy's POV:

Soon after I left zayn's room I came back in sobbing. He walked over and gave her a hug.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Louis-" I said but Zayn interrupted.

"I swear to god I'll kill this kid." He said. He started to leave but I grabbed his arm.

"He just asked why I was here and I was remembering all the hurt. None of this is his fault only-" but I was cut off.

Zayn kissed me. But just for about 10 seconds. Then he pulled away. I was in awe. He smiled at me.

"Your very beautiful Izzy. I have feelings for you. You seem like a very sweet girl." He said.

I bet my face was as red as a tomato. "But... your... Zayn! From One Direction! You deserve someone better than... me!"

"No I don't Izzy. Your perfect for me. Would you wanna... be my girlfriend? " he said.

I was still in awe. He... Was amazing.

"Yes." I said smiling and giggling.

He held out his hand is took it.

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