Life of a teen

My story, my open diary, for you to read. I trust you.


3. Some nights shine brighter that days

29/12-13 01:30

Okay so it's Technically, a new day, but it's like 1:30 or something.... 

okay so the whole thing about me not wanting to fall in love and find a boy, well i kept that promise for about two hours.... And now i'm back with the whole: i'm in love and i want love thingy....

It's SO typical me. But this guy, let's call him Jack, 'cause that's a cool name, is SO sweet, and nice and when i think about him i get little butterflies, the good kind, in my stomach, and my heart beats a little faster. And all this woul be great, if it wasn't because one my best friends, let's call her Stacy slept with him! yup.... They had sex.... WHY CAN'T I JUST FALL IN LOVE WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!?

Okay so i just needed to get that of my chest.... but seriously... Lucy didn't want anything with him... she just wanted sex... He maybe just wanted sex i don't know, but still. It's girl code.... A girls ex is off limit, and they having sex is almost, notice the almost, the same. If i had a relationship with him, i would always think about he having sex with one of my best friends.... i was clueless... So i did what every girl in my position would do, i went to my other best firends house to talk it out let's call her Lucy... But she thought, i should go for it... and maybe she's right. Maybe i had to stop thinking and just live. After all we're only young once. So maybe Lucy was right. Well i wasn't going to do anything without Stacys permission, so when i got home i called her, and crossed my fingers, 50% that she wouldn't answer, and 50% on that she was cool with it. She picked up.

I took a deep breath and aid something like: "So like in theroy, would you mind if liked someone you slept with?" oh little note Stacys kind if sleeps around so... and that's how it started. She said that she didn't cared and she wanted me to go for it. So this night went a lot better than the day. Then she listed all the people she'd slept with, and apparently it's not long, but it's definetly not short for a fifteen year old..... and yes she guessed it. Let's hope tomorrow is as good as today, 'cause right now i see sunshine all over the place. 

But i should REALLY go to bed now... So godnight!

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