Life of a teen

My story, my open diary, for you to read. I trust you.


4. Pancakes and Lipstick

29/12- 13 15:30


Today i wanted to do something different, and decided to put a red lipstick on, and i have a little bit more mascara,  and eyeshadow, and a new perfume i just got for christmas, i didn't like it at first, when i just got it, but now i really like it . And to be honest, i look good with it, the lipstick. And now Lucy is making pancakes, and they're always delicious.

I have decided to drop my promise completely, about not wanting to think about boys, and now i'm gonna go with Jack. I don't exactly have a clear plan about it, but i have a good feeling.  Hopefully he'll feel the same. 




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