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6. Happy new year! almost

31/12-13   00:38 am


In less than twentyfour hours, we'll be in another year! And i'm as ready as anyone could be. In the new year i wanted stuff to be different. I know, I know! that's what everyone says, but i really want to do some things differently! Like for starters, i will stop being such a coward. I suck at konfrontation, and i have to do that better. ALOT better. If it hadn't been for Lucy, i would probably, be meeting up with a guy i really didn't want to, and who still won't meet up with. That dude is creepy! I don't know why i'm so scared of it really. But i am. And next year, i'll try to be better at rejecting people who i think are bad for me. 

Also in this year, i want to find a boyfriend. Okay so i know i shouldn't force love, and i'm really not, But 365 days is not forcing it? Alot could happen in a year, just look at 2013! It's SO different than all my other years, so that's a promise to myself; find a boyfriend! Maybe Jack? or that cute guy i also know, but i'm not going to reveal who it is. Atleast not yet. Just in case the wrong people are reading this.

Okay i'm not only going to write about my new years resulotions, but those two are the ones i want to work the most on. And then losing some weight. I still have a lot of the Christmas weight that REALLY needs to be gone SOON!


And even though i'm only fifteen, my parents let me throw a little party! Only for ten people, but when they told me i was thrilled!! But planning a new year "party" or what to call it, is actually alot of work. But i think it's going to be great! All the decorations are bought and just needs to be put the right spots and then we're ready to go. And then of course there was the whole napkin folding, because that's the most important thing! how the napkin was folded. Apperently there are like a million ways to fold a napkin, and how to decorate a table... Who knew that planning, shopping, cleaning and decorating could be so much work? Looking back at it now, i totally underestimated the enormous work ahead of me, But i think it turned it pretty cool. 

And then came the problem... I had decided that each of them who came, would bring some food or something, and then in the end we would kind of split the bill or whatever to say, so that we all would pay equal. Because it wouldn't be fair if one used 10 $ and another 100$. Yeah, you get the point, probably.... But back to the point: One of the people who is coming let's call her Sarah, said that she did not have enough food for everyone, because she thought there were coming fewer people than there was. And for a second i panicked. For a second i saw a vision af it all going wrong and all sorts of crazy stuff, but i just breathed and calmed her down by saying, we'd have to take smaller portions. 

Lucy and Stacy, who almost were former enemies, had become friends, And when i found out, i was so happy for them, but at the same time, terryfied, about the fact that i might just be left outside. But then they came and surprised me and had me go all the way to the store to buy so, juice (that's the mom version) and alcohol for the party (That's the real story). And then i had to go home and clean the house and do all that preperation, while Lucy and Stacy were haning out. Am i a bad person for feeling a little jealous? Them becoming friends is great, 'cause i wont have to pick side, and maybe they wont let me out. I guess the future will show.


But for now, all i can say is goodnight, and Happy new year! 

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