I Remember

How much will you remember when you're destined to forget?

Maia Wesley woke up one day as a fifteen year old, and the next as eighteen. Well not exactly, but that's how she remembers it.
What will you do if you have been in a coma for three years and wake up to a world that has moved on without you, while you've stayed behind? How will you cope if you're thrust into an adult world when last time you checked you were a teenager? And how will you rebuild your life when you're destined to forget?
After waking up from a three year long coma Maia Wesley is known as 'Miracle Girl', but little does she know that the biggest struggle has not even begun.


4. 'Last Time'

I decided not to confront my parents about the whole ring situation. I was just too tired to deal with any more drama, I just wanted to go to sleep - which is kind of ironic considering I had been sleeping for 3 years straight. I yawned and felt my eyelids droop.

“Maia, baby. Come on, don’t go to sleep.. uh, let’s catch up. Or-or watch some TV,” Mum said. “I’ll let you know all that’s happened on Gossip Girl, there’s been a lot of drama.” I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I realised just how much I would have missed: my favourite TV shows; my friends - they’ve probably moved on without me; Nathan - now I’d never have a chance to tell him how I feel. He’s probably going out with that awful Marissa anyway. Marissa.. I never had a chance to stand up to her, like I’d promised myself. My GCSEs, A Levels... I felt my throat tighten the way it does when you’re trying not to cry. Don’t cry. Not here, not now. Stay strong.

“Maia, are you all right?” Mum asked, concern clear in her eyes.

“Y-yeah. I’m fine – well, as fine as I can be. I’m just really tired. Can I go to sleep?” The three adults exchanged uncomfortable glances. “What now?” I said with a bite in my voice. I was really getting sick of them keeping secrets from me – especially when they concerned me.

“Miss Wesley, I know you must be feeling drowsy – that is perfectly normal after a coma, and especially after one as long as yours. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to stay awake.” The doctor said, giving me a sympathetic look.

“But why?”

“Well, it’s just-“

“Let me guess,” I interrupted him, “Last time”. He nodded. Great. Just great. I’m sick and tired of this so called ‘last time’ already and I’ve only known about it for the last 20 minutes. I don’t remember being this grumpy before. Could it be a side effect of the coma? Makes sense, I’ve been asleep for years so I’m gonna be groggy – and I’ve just been told that I’ve missed the last 3 years of my life. Yeah, if something’s gonna make a person grumpy it’s gonna be that. I yawned again.

“Can you please, please tell me what happened ‘last time’? Please?” My father’s jaw was set – it was clear he wasn’t going to change his mind. However the doctor looked less certain than he did earlier. I decided to press him further.

“Please? Come on, I’ve just been through a hell of a lot and instead of being surrounded by loving, supporting people I’m just surrounded by secrets. Secrets that concern me. I deserve to know.” My mother and I looked at him expectantly. He nodded. My father remained silent throughout this whole conversation, but he made no move to intervene.

“Okay. About six months ago... you woke up from the coma." My mother said.


"You opened your eyes, you were talking, recognising us.."

"For how long?"

"About 2 hours." My mother replied.

"And how long have I been awake now?" I was struggling with my time perception – probably an effect of being asleep for so God damn long.

"An hour, hour and a half?"

"So you're telling me that I could go back into a coma any second?" I could feel my pulse quickening as fear started taking over me. I-I could go back? I don't want to! “Don't let me leave again!” I wanted to scream to my parents, but I bottled it up. I asked for this, and I didn’t want to make them regret it – it was my own fault. I felt like going hysterical, but I consciously slowed my breathing, taking big, deep breaths to calm myself. I had just got my life back and it was going to be taken away again? I knew I had no concept that I was in the coma, but the idea of going back again, of losing God knows how many years of my life again, terrified me.

“Well, only if you go to sleep. Last time you were so tired and went to sleep, and you didn’t wake up again until now. That’s why we’re not letting you sleep.”

“Okay.” was all I said. I tried my best to put on a poker face and act fine, when in reality I was terrified.

“Well, you’ve taken this better than I expected, Miss Wesley. I think it would be wise if one of us was with you for the next 24 hours or so, to make sure you don’t fall asleep.” The doctor said authoritatively. “I’m sure you won’t, but it’s just a precaution. Better to be safe than sorry.” He added.

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