The Runaways

Okay,yeah we ran away. But we didn't away from our problems we ran away from the people who cause all of our problems. We have a new life and were started over. We're a family now and forever. We stick with each other. We don't look back we go forward.


1. Chapter 1

There's gonna be many povs. Your gonna meet everybody and all. Hope you like!


Tony P.O.V*

The guards opened my cell letting me finally get away from this hell hole. People tried to kill me some even ganged up on me. I only had to stay 2 weeks. I stole food for my little sister to survive but they told me she died after two days I got in. I went in to the front desk to collect my things, I changed into my clothes, got my twenty dollars. I walked out and went to the alley I would use to go to with my friends but their fake. While walking in I saw a girl, on her phone just relaxing on the bench. I walked over and sat on the other side. She looked at me and smiled and went back to texting.


???:"Hey" she said still looking at her phone.

Me:"So....why are you here"?

???:"Get away of drama at home" she looked up from her phone. "Kandi" she took out her wanting me to shake it.


Ebony:"We'll Tony I got to go but talk to me later".

Me:"I don't have phone..." I said embarrassed.

Ebony:"We'll meet me here agin tomorrow at at 12:10"! she says while running away.

Me:"Okay"! Man she was fine! Carmel skin, light hazel eyes, thick but good, and right height. I think I found my dream girl.

Ebony P.O.V*

I walked home quick to get to my next class. I always go out at lunch. But I kept thinking about Tony. That boy was fine, good body, nice hair that went up a little and green eyes. I reached my class and walked in with out being late. I saw my best friend walk in Jamel, he was always there for me no matter what. I gave him my book bag to watch last it got stolen. I walked up to him and said 'thanks'.

Jamel:"Welcome" he said while seating next to me.

Me:"We should go to the park today"!

Jamel:"We are not five, Ebony and why you so happy"?

Me:"I met a guy and it'll be fun"!

Jamel:"Who is he and okay" he said while cracking his knuckles.

Kandi P.O.V

Great I'm getting screamed at for nothing. All I said 'okay' to do the dishes. I did them and my stepbrother just had to put a dish in their right after I was done. He made sure to let her see.

Mom:"Kandi I told you d*mn well to clean ALL the dishes"! my mom said angry.

Me:"I did do them all! Darnel just put a dish in their"!

Mom:"Why you lying to make my boy look bad? You lucky I'm taking care if you"!

Me:"No! I-.."

Mom:"You know what Get The F*ck out of MY House"!

I got up and packed my stuff in my duffle bag, took my phone, charger some food, messed up things(bathroom and rooms), stole my stepbrother Ipod bag took some money. I needed to survive and wanted to get revenge. But before I left, I kicked my stepbrother in a place where it don't shine and broke a two plates.


I got on a train trying to get away as far as possible. I left to Atlantic City even though I lived two miles away. I don't have a car or any good enough friends to drive me. After the fifth bus I hit sleepy but this was the last one. I sat alone this but their was people on the bus but not a lot. But something caught me off guard, a boy sat by me. It was a surprised to me.

Me:"Umm...not to be rude or anything but why did you sit by me? I mean there's plenty of sits" I asked curious.

???:"We'll you seemed lonely and I was kinda of lonely so I thought I'll help you out by sitting by you and mingle but I'll get up and leave" he said so relax and calm.

Me: He was about to leave but I stopped him and said 'wait'. I still thought abut what he said I didn't know how take it in as a compliment or an insult.


Me:"Please stay...". I hope that he knew that means to give me his name.

???:He sat down and said 'its Aden by the way'.


Aden:"My name is Aden".


I guess I fell asleep...on him by accident. Aden was nice enough to let me sleep and he woke me up just in time. I also felt something warm on me and I looked down to see a blanket.

Aden:"Wake up Kandi" he said so soft but caring.

Me:"Huh..-oh hi".

Aden:"Hey, you snore loud" he said with a smile and chuckle.

Me:"I do...sorry and did you out this on me"?

Aden:"No need to say sorry and yeah you seem cold, you we're shivering".

Me:"Thanks" I said while getting up.

Aden:"Where are you going"?

Me:"Somewhere, I don't have anybody, I'm my own".

Aden:"Come stay with me then" he said folding his blanket.

Me:"We barley know each other".

Aden:"Not many roommates know each other and you can get a job pay for rent and all...please".

Me:"Why do care for me so badly and i need to go to school".

Aden:"We'll there's a school here and I hate seeing people like this and care for you...please".

Me:"Okay, fine and thank you" I said and then walked up to him and gave him a hug. Luckily he hugged back saying 'your welcome Kandi'.

We got off the bus and started to walk to a place. I followed him and then we appeared in a parking lot. What the hell is going on? I thought in my head.

Aden:"C'mon where here". We stopped by a Lamborghini. A Lamborghini....Lamborghini...omg I can't believe I'm even here right now.

Skipping Driving Scene

We then walked up to an apartment building and we went into a elevator. I'm highly scared of those! I was holding my tight to the bar and my breathing paced up.

Aden:"Are you alright"?

Me:"Yes" I lied.

Aden:"Are you sure"? he said with worry.

Me:"Nope" I says while popping the 'p', I sucked in a lot of air and it kinda calmed me down.

Aden:He came to hugging me, I was breathing into his chest since he was taller than me and hugged him tighter not wanting to let go at all. Then a heard a beep sound which me jump.

Aden:"Give me your hand".

Me:"Okay". We walked to him apartment finally. I walked in smelling the good air, it smelt like roses.

Aden:"This your room" he said while grabbing my hand again. It was beautiful set up it had a huge BED! I loved it. I thank him repeatedly and then I accidentally kissed him on the lips. I let go slowly and stepped away a little.

Me:"I'm sorry" I says turning to him.

Aden:"No, it's okay...I liked it" he said blushing and touching his lips with his thumb.


What you think of the Chapter? Hope u like and we'll keep u updated.


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