kidnapped by the band

when lydiana is kidnapped from her 36 milliojn dollar masion by a mysterious grouuy also known as one direction. her mind is set on hating each and every one but what happens when she falls in love with 4/5 and discovers she can confind in harry as her freind? read 2 find how they live and what happens to her


3. the rough reuinion

lyd. p.o.v.

today i have a shoot for the new punk line. im not going to my moms this week at all. Harrys home. Him and his group of tone deaf rat freinds. (imn actually a huge fan) I decided to wal the 4 miles to work it was a beautiful morning around 5 am and the sun was bearly peeping out. I heard muffled voices.  i figured it was the belition couple fighting AGIN and ignored it the voices started to run now i was roughly 2 miles now i could run it and be there around 40 minutes so i took off.then i heard tires squealing shoes pounding and i blacked out.




                                                           when she woke up

"i....i...iitts sooooooo dddaarrkkk"i stated

"to bad" a familiar husky voice roared

"wwhhoo are you"

"awww dose my own sister not remember me?" sister being hissed

"hhhhhhhaaaarrrrryyyyy" i stuttered

''yeh"replied his soft deep voice this time sincerlybritish voice chimend in

"what the hell are u doing"i roared

"well look whos up" a chirpy voice chimed in it was british so it can only be liam,louis,or zayn.


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