kidnapped by the band

when lydiana is kidnapped from her 36 milliojn dollar masion by a mysterious grouuy also known as one direction. her mind is set on hating each and every one but what happens when she falls in love with 4/5 and discovers she can confind in harry as her freind? read 2 find how they live and what happens to her


1. meeting lyd.

lyd p.o.v


 I am a super model forthe famous line called victoria secret it is the best job ever im 16 and i live in london england right beside the buckingham palace in the best house on either side of blocks by the palace.i have had tea with william and harry includeing her majusty herself.I was born with a whole in my heart. iv had many sergeries but last year they told me i was good to go and that id need no surgeries. So two days later when i was walking my dog and my heart failed it shocked everybody but thank God that theyre was a neighbor who was on her porch as i walked. I had to have a 15 more surgeries and a blood fusion but i havnt had a problem since i still have major dr checkups 1 a month but am good as far as anything else goes. that whole time i was there i only had my laptop to work off of so i would sit there and play music and thats how i came to know of the horrible exuse for a band called one direction. they were pitchy and fake a little cute but fake ohhhh did i mention im harry styles little sister and yeah i said my brothers band sux the last time i was in the hospital noone knew if id live, wanna know a secret?HE DIDNT COME!!!!!!!! his own blood sister and he didnt come to say wat might be his last good-bye then i had to get told by my mother that harry was leaving on tour i can come say bye or stay home lke he did me. im not as cold hearted has he is sooo ofcoures i went. he was crying. wanna know wat about, his HAIR. not the fact i was living or even there. sooooo thats when i told harry to go ff himself and that i hated him and that i wish i had died then maybe id loose the name that was all that was left of our connection bc his blood is running cold. sooo thats why i HATE ONE DIRECTION

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