Trust Issues

Kylie Braun,Daughter of Scooter Braun,former enemy of Justin Bieber.

Tension rises between the two as they set off on a summer vacation to the Bahama's with Justin's friends and recent girlfriend,things don't work out which leaves Justin wondering if his heartbreak was intentional by Kylie or not ,Chaz begins to hit on Kylie but she can sniff out jealousy..and it's coming from the person you wouldn't expect.

But when Justin comes to the conclusion that he likes Kylie,he discoveres a flaw she tends to hide...she has Trust issues,and Justin embarks on a difficult journey to try to gain her trust after all the year's he's put her down and convinced her she was worthless.

Will Justin crumble the walls around Kylie's heart? or will they forever protect her heart from loving Justin.

When two hearts fuse together it's called love...

But when one is broken...

It's called heartbreak...

Original production of Shawtyyymane.


23. Chapter 23



Justin's POV:

It was about 2pm and I had only managed to get my lazy ass out of bed about 15 minutes ago. 

I took a quick shower and made my way out of the resort lobby. 

Today I was planning on tanning by the pool and secretly checking out girls in my blacked out ray bans. 

Those were my lifesavers when it came to sneakily looking at half naked hot girls. 

I smirked at the thought and layed out my towel on the sun-bed a couple of meters in front of the pool 

I jumped onto the chair and spread my legs out,ruffling up my hair as I placed my heads comfortably behind my neck.

I watched as a gorgeous girl made her way around the pool with her long brown beach waved hair traveling down to her waist. She was wearing a pretty bikini too,it really showed off her curves and nice ass. Damn,if only she could turn around so I could see if she had a pretty face to complete the whole package. 

heres Justin and Kylie's beach outfits for this chapter:

Suddenly The girl turned around and my heart instantly dropped into my stomach. 

It was Kylie...

I felt disgusted with myself for saying those nice things about her.

You'd still bang her though Justin,don't even deny that...

I growled at the thoughts running through my mind.

I watched in disgust as she walked around the side of the pool and walked into the right corner at the back and found a few free deck chairs. She placed down her 'Reserved' towel and sat on the end of the bed,pulling her hair up into a loose bun as she pulled out the sunscreen,she rubbed it all over herself and I couldn't peel my eyes away even if I tried. She slowly ran her small hands up her stomach and up her arms. She suddenly looked up and  my eyes darted away just incase she saw me. But her eyes traveled to a tall muscular boy walking straight towards her. She smiled at him shyly and continued to apply sunscreen,but the boy laid his towel out next to her. 


I watched as the boy made small talk with Kylie and I instantly grew pissed. Who the fuck was he?

She giggled and faced away from him. ''Yeah that's right Kylie,ignore the faggot.'' I muttered,smirking. 

My smile instantly dropped when the boy grabbed the sunscreen and placed it over her back. 

My cheeks began to grow hot and I stared this boy out. 

The boy bit his lip and began to massage her shoulders and she closed her eyes in bliss. 

I had enough...

I got up from my seat and stormed over there,I stopped in front of them and put on a fake laugh. ''Oh look who it is...'' I taunted,causing Kylie to turn around to see who had disturbed her massage. I watched her face as she looked up at me,her smile instantly dropped and it was replaced with a hurtful glare. ''Already flirting with a new boy? damn Ky...I knew you were easy but I didn't think it would take this short amount of time to find someone else..'' I snickered.

I did have a cheeky glance at her boobs though,they were sort of just...there..right in front of my face,I had to look.


''Excuse me kid?'' The boy chuckled,standing and squaring up. 

I scoffed in his face. ''She ain't your's dude..back off.'' 

He chuckled. ''And she's yours? I don't think so..'' He smirked,running his hand through Kylie's hair as she smiled up at him.

''I never said she was smart ass,I'm just saying..she doesn't want  a fuck boy like you.'' 

Just then Kylie laughed. ''He's not a fuckboy Justin..If that's anyone its're more confusing than a man with no arms watching porn...fuck off before I push you into that pool and mess up your 'oh so beautiful hair'.'' She hissed.

I rolled my eyes. ''Bitch.'' 

She scoffed. ''I'm the bitch? you were the one throwing insults at me last night calling me a pathetic excuse of a human and basically telling me to drop off the face of the earth..honestly just fuck off before I get my dad to put a restraining order on you.'' 

Suddenly fuck boy piped up. '' he was the one who made you cry last night?'' He asked,facing Kylie.

She cried? 

She stood up and walked away. ''I can't do this.'' She murmured,running off straight towards the beach.

''Listen here,stay the fuck away from her..I don't care if you're a 'teenage heart-throb' In my eyes you're a little faggot who goes out of his way to make girls cry over him because he can't keep his dick in his pants..Kylie deserves so much more then you.'' The boy chuckled,shaking his head as he began to walk away. ''Fuckin' Popstars.'' He muttered,walking off in the direction that Kylie ran off to. 


I rolled my eyes highly amused at this retards words. 'can't keep his dick in his pants' the guy even knows I get hella pussy..all he gets is a handful of lotion and tissues so I'm not complaining. Stupid bitch-ass. 


I had been sat on the sun bed for forty-five minutes now and the pool was surrounded by teenage girls. 

God answered my prayers..

I moaned slightly as a girl walked past my bed,her ass was huge and she had the perfect figure.

I gotta find out who she is..


I quickly got up and walked up to her,tapping her shoulder. ''Excuse me?'' I asked politely. The girl turned around and I realised she wasn't even that fact she was just average. My smile dropped and I scratched the back of my neck. ''Oh sorry,I thought you were someone else.'' I muttered,walking back and sitting down. 

''Fuck.'' I muttered,throwing my sunglasses down next to me.


She was definitely a catfish.. 

Suddenly I spotted Kylie sat on the pool edge splashing her legs about as she picked at her nails.


I smirked and tiptoed around the pool making sure she didn't see me,I crept up behind her and leaned down to push her in but my hands were caught and I was pushed forwards,loosing my footing I fell straight into the pool.


After a few seconds of shock I reached the surface and looked up. ''WHAT THE FUCK!'' I spat,my cheeks growing hot as Kylie was laughing hysterically pointing down at me. The boy from earlier sat next to her and smirked as our eyes locked. ''Karma's a bitch huh.'' He chuckled,kicking water straight into my face.

 I was beyond fuming and I swam up to the ladder. ''I'm gonna fucking kill you!'' I spat,walking over to him and pushing his shoulder. 


He stood up and once again squared up,he stood a few inches taller than me but I wasn't scared. ''Oh yeah?'' He smirked,pushing my shoulder causing me to stumble back a bit.


I punched him straight in the nose. ''I'm gonna fuck you up so bad..just you wait...paparazzi are flocking around here and if they got a video of me being pushed into the pool ill ruin you and your family..and all the money you got.'' I growled. 


He spat on the floor as blood poured out of his nose. By now Kylie was stood up waving frantically for us to stop. 

''Jake! Please don't react! Its just what he wants! please leave it!'' Kylie pleaded,grabbing his arm. 

He shrugged her off and pushed me hard in the chest. ''You've messed with the wrong dude'' He smirked before swinging his fist straight into the side of my jaw. I instantly retaliated and punched him straight in the eye.

Shouting was going on in the background but I was too focused on beating the shit out of 'Jake' 

I was about to hit him again but hands pried us apart and I tried the best I could to get out of their grip but they pulled me away.


''Do you know how much this could affect your career Justin?!'' Scooter's all to familiar voice echoed. 

''He fucking started it!'' I growled,shrugging off scooter and charging forwards pushing Jake off his feet before I pinned him down and punched him again straight in the jaw. Arms pulled me back once again and this time I didn't fight it..this shit-bag wasn't worth my time. 


''I'LL FUCK YOU UP'' Jake growled,as my bodyguard escorted him away from me. ''THIS ISN'T OVER.'' 


I chuckled and told Scooter to fuck off. He shook his head and went to reason with the paps dotted around the beach. 


I walked back over to my chair winning glances from kids and parents sending me hateful glares. I rolled my eyes and sat down. 


I dried myself off with my towel and pulled out my phone checking my Twitter briefly before I would go up to my room and change clothes. 


I was enjoying the feel of the sun warming up my body until some fat shadow blocked the sun. ''Fuck off Kylie.'' I spat. 


She didn't move and I finally looked up from my phone extremely annoyed. ''Listen-'' 


But I realised she was crying..her eyes were all red and her lip was quivering. 


I almost felt guilty but I remembered she was the reason I had a bloody lip and a painful jaw. 


''Why are you-'' 


''What did I ever do so fucking bad to make you hate me Justin? why am I always told to go die by you? why do you hate me so damn much?'' She shrieked,tears falling rapidly from her eyes.


I swallowed,watching as she ran a hand through her hair,she shook her head. 


I watched her every move,until I caught a glimpse of blood running down her arm. I took my glasses off to look closely and saw about 7 faint red lines trailing up her wrist. 


My heart stopped once she realised what I had noticed,she let out a whimper and hid her arm behind her back before she hurried away from me. 


''Ky-Kylie!'' I yelled,sitting up in my chair as the images of the cuts in her wrist flashed through my mind. 


She hurt herself like that? Why? Was it because of me?


I shook my head and ran my hands through my damp hair. 


Did I really hate her? 


I don't think I do..


Did I like her?


I think I do..


so this was da chapter guys sorry its so messed up I ran out of ideas lol

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