Little girl

its a story about a boy roaming in park and suddenly something unusual happened..........


1. little girl

I was new in city.I was just having one friend alok.One day when i was in park,i found that noone was in park except a little girl.She was crying,i asked who are you?Jessica she replied.Then i asked why are you crying,she sais she lost her family in an accident.Then i said stop crying and tell me where is your house,i will drop you there.Then she said my home is in just front of i was in car with her my friend alok called me and asked where i am? I told him every thing .Suddenly he shouted on me and said just get out of car and leave the girl .Then he told me there is no house in front of but a grave of girl name jessica and her family was killed in an accident.The road was just near the park and on that day she was waiting for her family in park.So from that day whoever comes in park never goes back .Many people heard crying of a girl from her grave.She was going to kill you and she had already killed 7.

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