X-factor contest Justin Bieber fan fiction


5. The second live show

I am backstage together Miley. We talk about everything no one knows that Miley will be preforming. I'm on in 2 minutes. "Welcome to y/n y/l/n" I walk on stage. I start singing The Climb. Half way in it Miley comes on stage. The crowd goes wild. We sing together. It's amazing. I can't believe I'm singing together my idol. We end the song. The crowd goes more wild. I smile and hug Miley. She hug back and whisper "you sing so good babe!! I love you so much!" "Thank you so much" I say and smile. "If you wanna see y/n y/l/n in the final next week send a message to 7xx7 with the text y/n y/l/n. Thank you for the performance" he says. I walk off stage together Miley.

Now it's time to get to know who is in the finals. Our names get called and we walk on stage 1 by 1. "You have voted America. The first in the final is..." There is a long silence break. "The first in the final is... Katy McCann. Congratulations Katy. " she walks over to the place for finalists. " now to the second and last in the finals is... Y/n y/l/n. " I start cry happy tears. I walk over to Katy and hug her "congratulations Katy." I whisper in her ear. She smile "thank you and congratulations to you too" she whispers back. " thank you". The show stops and we all walk off stage. Miley come running over to me. She hug me "congratulations babe!! Your voice is amazing!! I'm proud of you Y/n!" I smile and hug her back "thank you so much Miley. I love you so much!!" Demi walks over to to us. She hug me "congratulations Y/n. I know you can win it!! I know two of my friends will love to sing with you. He and she will only be singing with you. " she says. "I'm so excited. I can't wait!! Wo is it??" I ask "you'll se it tomorrow sweetie" she says. "Is it a hot boy?" I ask. She smile "you find out tomorrow. We'll see ya later. I need to go. Bye girls" she hug me first then Miley. Then someone come and take pictures of me and Miley. The flashes hurt my eyes. I try to cover me up. Miley help me out to my moms car. "Thank you. Do you want a drive home?" I ask. She smile "no thank you I have my car here so I drive by myself. " she says. I smile "okay. See ya babe" I say " see ya babe " she kiss me in my check. I kiss her on her check too. My mom drives me home. When I come home I take a quick bath and then go to sleep.

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