X-factor contest Justin Bieber fan fiction


2. The rehearsal for live show 1 with guest stars

I got Demi Lovato as my coach for the competition.

Today is the day the first reversed for the first live show find place. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Usher will be preforming 2 songs at the first live show. They will preform 1 alone and 1 together lucky person from the competition. There is 12 people in each group. One of them gets to sing together one of the celebrities.

Mom drives me to the rehearsal. I walk inside and in to the room where Demi is sitting watering for all girls to arrive. "Good morning girls. One of my friends will come and sing with one of you to the live performance this Friday. I'll go get my friend for you" she says then she walks down the long hall. We all start to talk about who is could be there will be singing together the celebritie and who it will be. I hope it will be Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. I love them. I can see Demi walk with a boy in the end of the hall. She comes closer with him. Then I see it's Justin. All the other girls start to freak out but I'm the only one who sit still and smile. "Girls this is Justin Bieber and he will be singing with one of you lucky girls, so let's go to the rehearsal studio. " she says. We all walk to the studio. All girls will walk beside Justin. They ask questions the whole time. I walk bind the "group" of girls so I'm not I. The way for the others. I sit in a chair in the side of the studio. The two chairs on my ride side is free but there is sitting girls on my left side. Demi and Justin talks to each other. After about 2 minutes they look at us. "So now will we say the girls name who will be singing together Justin" Demi says. "The girl who will be singing with me is..." Justin says. "Y/n y/l/n" Demi and Justin says in the same time. I smile big. " come up here y/n" Demi says. I smile, stand up and walk over to them. I stand in the middle of them. Justin takes his arm around my waist. I smile. His hand is going slowly up and down to comfort me. He can feel I'm nervousness. "Now you can start the rehearsal girls." Demi says. Justin and I walk out the Rome and over to another room where his vocal coach is sitting. We sit down. "Do you have some ideals with songs we can sing on stage ?" Justin asks. I smile "I think about All that matters in a duet or beauty and a beat?" I say. He smiles " that's good songs but I've thought about Boyfriend in a duet where you sing I could be your girlfriend in place of I could be your boyfriend " he says. I smile " that's a great idea. Let's do it " I say. We warm our vocals up with the help of Mama Jan. she is a sweet woman. After a long rehearsal day and night it goes amazing. I can the text without looking in papers. Justin and I are getting close as friends. I have his phone number so I can call him when ever I want to. He also have my number and can call me if he want to. On my twitter and Instagram have a lot if followers because of Justin. I'm thankful for that.

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