X-factor contest Justin Bieber fan fiction


4. rehearsal for the second liveshow

I am in the rehearsal studio for the performance this Friday. I am going to sing The climb by Miley Cyrus. It's one of my favorite songs. I love it. Demi has a surprise for me. This Friday will be without guest stars. Now Demi walks in with Miley Cyrus. I smile big and hug her. "Hey Miley I love you so much. Can I sing for you?" I ask. Demi and Miley smiles big. "I'll be singing with you on stage this Friday " Miley says. "Oh my gosh. This is amazing." I says. Miley smile and hug me. "Let's begin the rehearsal" she says. I smile and nod. Demi walks over to the other girls in the other rooms. I start singing for Miley. Her face says everything. She likes my voice. "We make The Climb to a duet. It will sound amazing" she says. "That's a good idea. This Friday will we surprise everyone. No one knows about you being preforming. And not the other girls. I think it's a good thing" I say and smile. She smile and we start to sing the song. After a week of rehearsals we are ready to preform to the live show.

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