X-factor contest Justin Bieber fan fiction


1. audition day

Audition Day

I wake up. I go to my closet and find a pair of my favorite shorts and my favorite top. I find my bra and my underwear. I walk to the bathroom. I take a bath. After I've dried myself I take my underwear, bra, top and shorts on. I walk downstairs to my mom. "God morning sweetheart. Have you slept well ?" I smile "I haven't slept much because of my nerves but I'm fresh and ready to sing for the judges today" "well let's drive" she says. I smile and take my jacket on. We walk to the car. My mom drives me to the place where the audition finds place. I walk inside the big hall. There is so many people. My mom walks inside with me. I go over to a lady in front of a long table. "What is your name?" She asks. I smile " my name is y/n y/l/n. " she find my number and give it to me. "Here you go" I take it and stick it to my favorite top. I'm number 105 to sing so it will go fast until it's my turn. I sit in the corner of the warring room. I've my luck bracelet on. On the bracelet is written always believe in your dreams and never say never - Justin Bieber. I've had it on since I got it. After 2 hours of wateing my number get called. I walk over to the lady who called my number. She let me go to the stage. I go on stage. Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio is sitting in the judge chairs. I smile when I see Demi. She is one of my idols. I love her so much. "Hey what's your name?" She asks. I smile " my name is y/n y/l/n. I'm from Atlanta. I've been singing since I was a little girl. I love singing. I explained my feelings through the music. " I say. "What will you sing for us?" Simon asks. "I'll sing U Smile by Justin Bieber. " "well you can start" he says. I smile and start singing

"Oh, yeah, mmm

I wait on you forever, any day, hand and foot

Your world is my world, yeah

Ain't no way you ever gonna get

Any less than you should

'Cause baby, you smile, I smile, oh

'Cause whenever you smile, I smile

Hey, hey, hey"

The judges smile and the crowd start clapping to rhythm. I sing the song to the end. The crowd and the judges stand up clapping. I smile big. " you have and amazing voice " Demi says to me. " thank you Demi I appreciate it. It means a lot for me to hear it from you" she smile to me. The other judges say I have a good voice and I can be something big. " is it a yes or no Demi ?" Simon says. " it's a big yes" Demi says. "Thank you " I say. " is it a yes or no Kelly?" Simon asks. "It's a big yes for a girl with a great voice" Kelly says. " thank you" I say. " is it a yes or a no Paulina?" Simon asks. " it is a yes. I love you y/n" Paulina says. "Thank you" I say. "Simon. Is it a yes or no?" Demi asks. " it's gonna be 4 yeses y/n. I want you on my team" Simon says. Happy tears start rolling down my checks. "thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. " I smile and walk off the stage. My mom come and hug me tight. "Congratulations y/n. I'm so proud of you baby girl. " then a woman come walking behind me. Her voice says "congratulations y/n. " I turn around and see it's Demi. I smile and hug her. " thank you and thank you for the yes. I love you so much. " I says and wipe my tears away. "Can I get a picture together with you?" I ask. She smile " of corse. I can take it with my phone then can I sent it to you over messenger. " she smiles and I smile. She take the photo and I give her my phone number. " promise me you don't give my number to anyone. " I smile " I promise I'll never give your number to anyone. And again thank you so much. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter" I say and write down my Instagram and Twitter names in a messenger to her. She smile and hug me again. " thank you for the meeting. See you someday" I say. "Your welcome. I need to go now. See ya"she walk away and I walk to my mom. We walk together to the car and drive home.

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