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  • Published: 28 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2014
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Poems! I'm not very good at those, but anyways: here we goes!


1. Wise beyond her age

She stood before her mother

In her favorite purple dress

More brave than any other

Who hurts inside their chest.

“Please my darling, do not go”

The mother anxious cried

She looked up at her mother

The others didn’t know

Of the pain behind her pride.


“I will go to school, with daddy at my side.”

She said, showing of said pride.

It was daddy’s day at school

Kids will bring their daddy, that's the rule.

They get called up in turns

To tell about their dad

All of which they’ve learned.


Once the little girl was up

The mother held her breath

Other children can be mean

They don’t know when to stop.

The little girl went up

Hand above her heart.

She talked so soft,

Still the message, clear and loud.


“My daddy couldn’t be here today,

Because he’s just too far away.

But I know he wishes he was,

Because he loves me, just that much.

I will tell you about my father,

Who I never see.

Who never makes a call to me.”


“He taught me how to ride my bike,

And how to be good at flying kite.

His eyes was always full of cheer

I see them still, when he isn’t here.

My father was a firefighter

And he fought the fires well

He was there, when the towers fell

And never made it home”



“He told me he would always be,

Right here, next to me.

He is living in my heart,

And he loves me, he told me so

He always gave me a little pink rose,

I always put it, at my nose.”


The girl talked like on a stage

Oh so wise beyond her age.

She closed her eyes, as all the others,

And loudly out she say:

“Daddy I love you

Daddy, I love you still

Daddy I always will!”


When they again opened their eyes the saw

Just for a second at the door

Where the girl was standing,

There was a little pink rose.

And all of those, who had their doubts

They learned this day,

That heaven never is too far away.

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