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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


19. Missing Her

Louis' POV

It's been exactly 12 days since Darcy left. Yes I have been counting. I tried calling her but she blocked my number. I can't believe she did this. She left even after we slept together. When I woke up and saw she was gone I cried my heart out. I thought I would have changed her mind but obviously not. Today we were meeting with management to discuss the new album and tour. Our new album was called 'Midnight memories'. We still had a few songs that needed to go on the album and I wrote two songs that I wanted me and the boys to sing. The two songs that I wrote were 'Happily' and 'Half a Heart'. I wrote happily whilst Darcy was dating Niall and I just recently wrote 'Half a Heart'. I got up and got dressed. Once I finished brushing my teeth and doing my hair I grabbed my phone and keys and headed out to my car. I sighed and turned the radio on as I started the car.

"Next week we will playing some of the newest tracks including Ed Sheeran's new song that is yet to be released. His new song features Darcy Matthews a new young singer." As soon as I heard that I froze. I just stared at the radio. Really? That had to come up just as I was thinking of her. I was trying so hard to forget her but I just couldn't. Even though she left half way across the world after we had sex I still love her.

I sighed and I just drove to the studio where we will be meeting them. I got out of my car and walked into the building. Upon arriving into the room I noticed all the boys were already there.

"Hey Louis." Zayn half smiled as I walked in. I hasn't really talked to them much unless it was in the studio. Me and Niall have barely said a full sentence to each other. It's been really awkward between us considering the circumstances. I haven't told any of the boys about what happened between us yet but I suppose I will fess up at some point. I mean that day is all that I could think about. I mean for gods sake I wrote two songs about the girl that broke my heart. I don't like to think of her as the girl that broke my heart more as the beautiful girl I fell in love.

"Ok boys as you are aware we still have 3 spaces on the album for songs so today will be all about writing new songs and the team is here to help you do so." Julia announced. She was part of our team that is helping make the album.

"Well I had a thought." Liam said as we all sat there in the studio room with instruments. Everyone looked at him expectingly waiting for him to explain. "I was thinking what if we make a song made out of song titles. As if to say that a couples love is better than words can actually describe. " It was actually a pretty good idea. Liam was always good at writing songs and so were all of the boys.

"Sounds good to me do you wanna brain storm a bunch of songs and then we can put them in order?" Harry suggested as he tapped his knee as he talked. Everyone agreed and we all started brain storming some ideas for it. I looked at my bag and wondered if I should give the songs to the boys to see what they think. It's going to be obvious that I wrote it about Darcey so I don't really want to. I was so distracted by these thoughts that I didn't even notice Harry talking to me.

"Lou?" Harry said again but a bit louder and I snapped my head in his direction. "Why do you keep looking at your bag?" He asked with a confused expression as he looked at my bag.

" I wrote two songs but I don't kn-" I couldn't finish my sentence because Liam cut me off.

"Oh come then show us." He encouraged and Zayn grabbed the bag and opened it. He pulled out the two piles of paper that were staplers together. He threw one to Liam and put the bag away. Everyone stayed quiet as they examined the songs. Niall was looking at the songs too but he just had a blank expression on his face.

"I recon we should use them." Everyone stared at the person who said that. It was the most unexpected person out of all of us. It was Niall.

"Really?" I asked sounding a bit chirpy. Niall nodes and picked up one of the sheets.

"I mean these are pretty good songs so why not?" Niall said looking up at me. I just gave him a half smile. That was probably the only conversation I have had with him since he walked in on me and Darcey. I had to talk to him apologise for what happened between us. I mean I was being a complete asshole by getting in with his girlfriend whilst I had a girlfriend. Wow. I'm a dick.

Everyone went back to trying to write a song with Liam. Now seems like the perfect time to talk with Niall. He looked at me and I nudged my head towards the other end of the room and he nodded. We both moved away from the other boys and I leaned my back against the wall as I sat next to Niall.

"Listen lad I'm really sorry." I told him honestly looking at him. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"It's not your fault." He breathed looking at me with his sad eyes. I felt really bad for him. I wish I never kissed Darcy.

"Yeah it is. I had a girlfriend and I was being a jerk." I insisted and he didn't say anything. "I should have never kissed Darcy. I wish I could take it all back. Meeting her, hanging out with her, sneaking around with her, kissing her. I mean for gods sake even after we slept toge--" I stopped myself immediately knowing I hadn't told anyone and I'm pretty sure she never slept with Niall.

"Y-you slept together?" Niall asked wide eyed. I just looked away and I didn't respond. I couldn't. "When?" He asked and I didn't say anything. "When?" He asked again but louder.

"The day she came to say goodbye." I told him. "I hoped she would stay if I showed her.............. of I showed her how much I love her."I whispered the last bit to myself not really wanting Niall to hear.

"We never slept together." Niall admitted on the verge of tears. Wait if they never slept together. That means I took her virginity. I remember all those weeks ago when we first met we played truth or dare and I asked her if she was a virgin. Her answer was no. Holy. Crap. She lost her virginity to me.

"I'm sorry Niall I didn't mean t-"

"It's fine." He cut me off. "She wasn't the right girl for me anyway." He fiddled with his hands and avoided any eye contact with me. I guess it's going to be awkward between us for a while.

Darcy's POV

Finally all my furniture came for my apartment. It took the movers like two hours to get all of it up to my apartment through the elevator. I was moving everything and trying to organise my apartment. At the moment it was a complete mess. Once I pushed my couch into the corner where it belonged I just collapsed on top of it. Ahh. It felt so good to lie on my couch. I pulled out my phone and I decided I would tweet about it. I saw loads of tweets that had me and Nathan Skyes tagged together. Apparently because we were seen together in a car we are now dating. Right. I told all the fans that we were not dating since they were giving me shit about going for Niall and then Nathan. Although it wasn't even true. The fucking fans need to get their facts right before they go of blabbing things that aren't true. I mean seriously don't they have a life. I saw Nathan also post a tweet that he said it wasn't true. Soon he started following me and I followed him back. Not long after he sent me a DM.

(N= Nathan D=Darcy)

N- hey sorry about all of the fans giving you hate because they saw you with me :/ I think they honestly need to grow up and stop making things up.

D- yeah I don't think they even know that it was the first time we met aha

N- Yeah I'm so used to it though so I don't really care but it's not nice when they hate on other people who didn't even do anything

D- Well thanks it's nice to know someone actually cares

N- Well it's kinda hard not to care for a pretty face :)

D- :) Thanks your really nice I honestly don't see why all directioners hate you

N- They just don't like giving people chances

D- Well I'd give anyone a chance :)

N- Well then we should hangout again some time :)

D- That would be great :)

N- Well I will have to DM you later I have to go but talk soon

D- Ok bye bye

At least I accomplished something so far. I made a friend. We may have only met once but that's all I really need right now. I need a friend. But I'd rather have Louis by my side...

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