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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson are the cutest couple out. Everyone believes that they will get married one day and nothing will get between their love. That belief is put to the test when Louis finally meets El's best friend. Darcy Mathews. An absolutely gorgeous girl who loves to have a bit of fun and be mischievous much like a certain blue eyed boy in the band. Will Darcy fall for Louis or another boy in the band? Hearts get broken, trust gets lost, friendships get ruined, feelings gets tested all because of one simple word. Love. ********. NEEDS EDITING SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES


4. He is Cute

Currently me and Niall were making sandwiches for all of us in the kitchen whilst the rest of the boys played Grand Theft Auto. I grabbed various ingredients for us to make sandwiches with. However my range of foods didn't seem to be enough for a certain Irish boy. 
"Bacon, we need bacon." He announced. I gave him a weird look. "I wanna make a BLT now where ya fryin pans at?" He asked and I giggled. 
"I'll get it." I gave him a small smile and bent down to grab the pan. 
"Uh-uh." I heard Niall say. I looked at him. 
"What?" I asked confused. 
"You can't bend down like that in gym shorts like that in front me." He explained with a light smirk. I blushed immediately. I pointed to the drawer. 
"Pans are in there." I said simply. 
"Thanks love." He winked with a grin. He got out a medium size pan and placed it on the stove. 
"Bacons in the freezer." I said returning to making sandwiches. I decided to make a chicken and mayo one for me, and Niall helped me make sandwiches for the guys. I placed all the sandwiches on a tray and carried it into the living room. 
"Suck on that liam!" Louis yelled as I walked in the room. 
"Settle down Tommo it's just a game." I said placing the sandwiches on the table. 
"Sorry." he apologized blushing a little bit. I picked up my sandwich and started nibbling at it. Everyone took the sandwich with their name on it, I stuck little pieces of paper onto a tooth pic and stuck it in the sandwich. I heard a light knock on the door I got up and opened the door. 
"Hey Darce!" El greeted me with a hug. 
"Hiiiiiii." I laughed as I let her in."Guys El's here!" I yelled. We walked into the living room. 
"Hey El!" all the boys shouted in sync. 
"Hey guys." she said smiling. She sat next to Louis and gave him a peck. 
"Hey babe." he said quietly as if he didn't want other people to hear it. 
"Shall we watch another movie?" Niall question. 
"Sure, El do you wanna choose?" I ask politely. She nods and chooses 'The Conjuring'. Great. Note to sarcasm. she knows I hate scary movies. Remember how I ran into the door yesterday. Exactly. I groaned. 
"Don't worry love this time I'll make sure you don't run into the door." Niall snickered. 
"You ran into a door?" Zayn asked. I nodded a bit embarrassed. He just chuckled as I turned the lights off for the movie to begin. I was seated in between Niall and Louis right in the corner of my L-shaped couch. When the movie started there was a message" before we watched it. 'Based On A True Story'. 
"I'm out!" I exclaimed as I threw my blanket over my head and pulled out my phone. I heard a few giggles and laughs then someone peeled the blanket off of my head. I looked up and saw that it was Niall. 
"C'mon just watch the movie." Niall pleaded. I shook my head signaling that I clearly did not want to watch it. But he refused to not let me watch the movie and pulled the blanket all the way down. I huffed and crossed my arms while putting my phone away.

I tensed up several times and bit into the pillow while we were watching the movie. I was concentrating on the movie trying to predict what would come next so I wouldn't be scared. It worked for like 5 secs. But the little creepy ghost boy had to come out of no where and appear behind the mum and make the match go out so everything was black, didn't it? I jumped as dug my head into the chest of the person closest to me which happened to be Niall. I heard him laugh lightly as he draped his arm around my shoulders giving me a sense of comfort. A small smile tugged on my lips as I drifted into darkness. 

Louis and El were kissing. Aw. Such a cute couple but sometimes they should lay off the PDA. I watched as El's chocolate brown hair started to go blonde at the roots. It continued down to the tips. Her figure became shorter and a tiny bit more curvey. That was not El at all. How could she just disappear like that. Letting Louis make out with another girl. 
"What the hell do you think your doing?" I asked and Louis head shot up. The girl didn't turn to face me but instead hid her face. Ok? 
"N-n-nothing." he stuttered. Not looking me in the eye. 
"Bull-shit." I spat as I lifted my hand and it made contact with his cheek. Ge stood up and towered above me.
"Don't do that please?" He begged as hurt filled his eyes. I pushed his shoulders and he stumbled back a bit but my strength was nothing compared to his masculine body . 
"Stop." He ordered but I didn't listen. I jumped on top of him so he fell onto the floor I started hitting my fists on his chest. He grabbed my wrists trying to stop me. 
"How could you do this?" by this point tears were flowing down my cheeks. "How could you be such an asshole?" I yelled. 
"Eleanor I'm sorry stop." Louis said. I was shocked I wasn't El. In that moment a brown lock fell from my hair I just stared at it. I was Eleanor. 

"Darcey please stop." a soft voice brought me back to reality. It was Louis. I was on top of him my cheeks were tear stained and he was holding my wrists. 
"I-I-I'm sorry I sleep walk." I said sheepishly. I pulled myself up and helped Louis after. Everyone was just staring. 
"Must of been one hell of a dream." Zayn pointed out. 
"I can't remember my dreams." I lied. I always told everyone that because I didn't want them knowing what the dream was about. For obvious reasons, it was weird. 
"I-I'm gonna go clean up." I say making my way towards the bathroom. I splashed cold water on my face. These dreams have to stop. I thought to myself. The dreams have to stop. I don't know what they mean or if they even mean anything but they have to stop. I heard foot steps coming towards the bathroom I thought it would be El. Too my luck I saw Niall appear in the doorway. 
"You okay?" he asks. I nod. "that was really freaky you know." He said. 
"How so?" I asked. 
"Well you were asleep on my shoulder then you made a comment about how Louis and El are cute but the PDA was a bit much but they weren't kissing. then you got up and attacked Louis, no one knew what to do." He admitted. 
"Oh." I say fiddling with my fingers. I really acted out my whole dream? Crap. "Well I'm fine now." I say lightening up. He sent me his charming smile and we made our way back to the lounge. The movie was finished and everyone was relaxing and talking. As soon as we entered the room the talking stopped. 
"Wow creepy much?" I laugh I sit down with Niall. 
"We were just talking about what happened and what your dream might have been." Harry confessed. 
"Ohhh." I said feeling a bit awkward as I remembered the stupid dream. I wasn't going to tell them I have had one before just because I don't want to come off as creepy or insane. 
"Can you honestly not remember anything?" Liam asked. I nodded. "That's strange." El furrowed her eyebrows together as she thought. 
"Well next time I won't be around when you fall asleep." Louis laughed. 
"Yeah sorry bout the whole going spaz on you thing." I said feeling pretty bad. 
"It's all good it's not like I randomly get slapped in the face by a sleep walking girl everday." He jokes. I just laugh lightly. 
"Well it shouldn't happen again......hopefully." I laugh.
"Yeah well it's getting late so I should probably go." Zayn said stretching his arms. 
"Well it was really nice meeting you." I smile. 
"You too." he nods as he put his shoes on and shows himself out. 
"I probably have to go to." Liam announces. 
"Me too." 
With that I said my good byes to Harry and Liam. 
"So it's only us left I guess." Niall said. 
"Oh no my little invisible friends are sitting all arounds." I say sarcastically. He laughed and so did Louis and El. 
"Funny." Niall said lightly smiling. When he smiled it revealed his perfectly straight white teeth. 
"Did you have braces?" I ask Niall. 
"Yeah how'd you know?" He asked surprised. 
"I knew quite a few people with braces and what teeth looked like after them." I explained. 
"One of them being her." El pointed out. 
"You had braces?" Louis asked shocked. I nodded kind of embarrassed. "I could not imagine you with braces." 
"It would be like imagining Louis with blonde hair." Niall said. 
"Clearly you guys have not seen the blonde direction photos." I laughed. They all looked at me confused. I pulled my laptop onto my lap and typed in Blonde Direction in google images. They all burst out laughing when they saw all of one direction with blonde hair. 
"Oh my god our fans are crazy." Louis laughed. 
"Harry looks like a retard in blonde!" Niall said pointing a the photo of Harry. 
"How come you never showed me this before?" El asked giggling. 
"It never came in a conversation." I said closing the laptop and putting it one the ground. 
"That's halarious." Niall said resting his arms on the couches back but I was sitting next to him so he rested his arm behind me. 
"Ohhh Niall's making a move." Louis winked at me.I felt my cheeks heat up as he said that. I blush really easily and it sucks. 
"Shut up Tomlinson." Niall laughed throwing a pillow at him. Louis started laughing and threw the pillow back. Soon it was a two against two all out pillow fight. I was laughing as -3me and were throwing pillows at each other missing most of the time but a few hit. All of a sudden the boys stopped throwing pillows and so that caused us to stopped as well.
"Why did yo--" I was cut off by Niall wrapping his arms around my thighs and him hoisting me up onto his shoulder so I hung there helplessly. I saw Louis did the same with El. 
"Lou put me down." El yelled.
"Nope." Cheeky bugger. 
"Niaaaaaall." I whined. 
"Darcyyyyyyyyyyyy." He whined back. 
"Put me down pwease." I begged in a baby voice.
"Mmmm how bout no?" He chuckled. 
"I'll give you kiss." I said trying to convince him. 
"Mmmmm that does sound tempting." He said. He put me down and I bolted causing him to run after me. I ran into my room and hid in my closet. I held my breath hoping he wouldn't find me. 
"Gotcha!" He said grabbing my thighs and flinging me onto my bed effortlessly. He started tickling my thighs.
"No p-please st-stop!" I managed to plead in between laughs. I saw Louis and El standing in the doorway. 
"H-help!" I beg them. 
"No I don't think he is gonna stop till he gets his kiss." Louis smirked. 
"So what do you say?" Niall teased his blue eyes sparkling. 
"Fine." I mumbled. He turned his head so I could kiss him on the cheek but I leaned in he turned his head so I pecked him on the lips. I heard Louis and El giggle. 
"Thank love." Niall winked and got off. He walked out and Louis high fives him. I stepped on the back of his shoes so it would annoy. He quickly spun around and picked me up like I was nothing. He was even stronger than Niall. His sudden actions took me by surprise. I placed his on my stomach and turned me around so that I was upside down and facing away from him. I started squirming but he was way too strong for me . My knees were bent over his shoulder and I was hanging onto his arm for dear life. 
"Please put me down." I ask. 
"Fine" He shrugged and just let go. 
"No!" I yell waiting for impact but I did not fall. My legs were still securely hooked around his shoulder. El just laughed. 
"Keel I have to go I have dinner plans with my family tonight." El explained. 
"Cya babe." Louis said hugging her. I held my hand I front of my face so I wouldn't go into her hip. 
"Umm guys." I say looking up at them. 
"Sorry Darce cya." El waved waltzing out. 
"Niall will you help me?" I asked. 
"Sorry love I have to go to have fun with Louis though." He laughed and made his way out. 
"Ok seriously Tommo put me down." I say folding my arms. He placed one hand on both of my thighs. 
"Sit up." He instructed. I sat up and he placed one hand one my waist and snaked the other one under my legs so I fell into his arms bridal style. 
"There ya go love." He says placing on the ground. 
"Thanks." I say. 
"Why are you blushing?" He asked with a slight smile. 
"Huh?" I ask as if I didn't hear him properly. 
"Your blushing." He repeated. 
"Oh yeah." I said I laughed nervously. "That happens a lot." I lie. I hate lying it's not nice but sometimes you just gotta do it. 
"And I see you and Niall developed a thing." Louis laughed changing the subject. 
"Well he's cute but I don't know if we have a thing yet." I admit. 
"Just goin' with the flow then I suppose?" He asked. I nod. 
"So what do you want to do?" He asks. 
"I don't really know." I reply honestly.
"Well we could always...." He said dragging out the always and stepping closer to me. I put my hand on his chest pushing him back. 
"Don't even try." I said . 
"I was gonna say wrestle but if wanna go in that direction." He wiggled his eyebrows. I just laughed. 
"Noooo way your dating my best friend." I said. 
"Wait so if I wasn't dating El you'd hook up with me?" He teased with a playful smirk plastered on his face. 
"I didn't say that." I said sitting on the couch. 
"You kinda did!" He admitted sitting right next to me on the couch. 
"Nope." I argued moving over a bit. 
"Yup." He moved closer. 
"Nope." I moved further. 
"Yup." Closer. 
"Nope." Further. 
"Yup." Closer. 
"Nope." Shit I was on the edge I couldn't move. 
"Say it." He said cheekily. 
"No lying is a sin." I said pleased with my little comeback. He leaned in closer so out faces were centimeters apart. I gulped. The fuck is he doing. He couldn't do this to me. 
"Say it." His lips brushed against the corner of my mouth. Man I just got butterflies. He hovered above my lips. Butterflies, again. "Say it." He says leaning in so our lips brushed together. Damn. I couldn't do this to El. 
"Fine if you weren't dating if fuck you." I said. He just chuckled and moved away. 
"Do you do that with all girls?" I ask a bit annoyed and disgusted. 
"No just you." He smiled. 
"Nice to know." I say sarcastically. "Why do you do it though?" I asked. I mean he is going out with my best friend and we have known each other for two days. So you am see why I was so keen on knowing. 
"Simply because I find you interesting." He says resting his arms behind his head. I swear this boy is mental. I'm not interesting, I'm just girl. That's it. No more, no less. 
"That can't be a reason." I insist. 
"And why not?" He questioned looking at me. 
"Because you have a girlfriend." I mumbled. 
"Well I know that." He let out a breath he seemed to be holding. This boy was strange. 
"You have to go." I stated as we sat there in silence. It was a while before he replied. 
"Okay." He whispered. I got up so that could walk him to the door but he just stood there facing me. His fingertips traced along my arm all the way down to my hand. He slipped his large strong hand into mine and started fiddling with my fingers. The feeling I got from it was not explainable. It was sensational, I looked at our hands then back up to his ocean blue eyes. He was leaning in again. Crap. Move Darcy move! I couldn't I was frozen he planted a soft kiss on my cheek and whispered I my ear, "I know you can feel it too." 
This was going to be the death of me. 

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