The Tutor (Editing)

Anne Styles is my mothers best friend and she is like my second mother. Her son though he is a different story. I don't talk to him at all because he is the popular kid the bad boy kind of type. I however I get pretty good grades and I haven't been in trouble once. Now your thinking I'm a good two shoes now don't you? Well I said I haven't been in trouble once but I didn't say I haven't done anything bad. I just haven't got caught. Well Anne sees Harry's grades are in trouble so she hires me as a tutor. What a great idea right? No.



21. The Return

I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomache making me run towards the bathroom to let out my dinner. I held my hair back as I kneeled over the toilet in agony. After a few minutes one of my parents stomped in turning in the light making me realise I was in the dark.

"Oh dear." I heard my mum say as she took my hair and patted me on the back. She handed me a wet towelette for my face. "Come on get yourself cleaned up and I'll go fetch you some coffee." I smile thankfully at my mother as she leaves the bathroom and I wipe my face and flush the toilet. I always felt terrible after vomiting and the whole pregnancy thing was just making it ten times worse. I crawled back into bed and just in time my mother brought me a coffee and a slice of banana bread.

"Thank you Mumma." I smiled as she handed me the delicious treat and she took a seat on my bed.

"Are you sure you want to go back to school?" She asked me as she patted my hair studying me as I took a sip of coffee.

"Yes Mumma I have to go I can't miss out on my education because of a stupid mistake I made." I told her honestly. I couldn't just skip school because I suddenly had a human being inside of me, I had plans to go to a good university and get a degree. That wasn't going to change. "There's only five months left and the baby isn't due until end of July."

"Okay okay, I suppose you can't just not go but if you need a rest day you take one, that is my grand child and I don't need you to be putting stress on the poor thing." I laughed at my mother, I was glad she was supportive at least. My father still hadn't really wrapped his head around the idea of it all.


Eight o'clock on a Monday morning I stood infront of my locker never feeling as out of place as I had then. Everyone was staring, no one making any attempt to hide it. My old friends simply gave me pathetic glances as they walked passed clearly not interested in me. I don't even remember what happend. How did I leave them behind?

"Kyles." That deep husky voice made me feel all kinds of relief. I turned around to find the curly haired boy smiling sadly at me and I instantly wrapped my arms around him not being able to bear another moment of stares from peers. He was my stress relief.

"Thank god you're here." My voice was muffled from being hurried into his neck but it didn't matter if he heard me I simply wanted him to hold me. I had never needed him that bad in my entire life.

Alas the bell rung for homeroom but luckily we were still in the same class. We walked in parting our hands for the teachers sake and sat down at the back of the room. I pulled my arms into myself trying to snuggle my jacket and sweater so that I would be warmer. The scarf and beanie I was wearing didn't seem to help at all and I think Harry noticed as he started to rub his hand on my thigh in an effort to keep me warm. The heaters inside weren't of the best quality so it did tend to get quite chilly indoors.

Every student in the class room was pretty much silent except for the low echo of whispers floating around the room. Mr. Cloud walked and simply called the roll and allowed us to continue to sit in silence for the remainder of the time. Louis never showed up. He never skips class unless it was geography and he was rarely sick. I knew he was avoiding us, he was avoiding his best friend.

I am still hoping one of them will jump out and tell me it was some sick prank they pulled and it was Harry's child all along, because I will never understand why I did what I did. I loved Harry.


I sat next to Harry inside at the lunch table and it was all very awkward. Some of the boys asked how I was going but the girls still hadn't spoken to me all day. I know I pushed them away somewhere along the line but I had to gain their trust.

"Harry I'll be right back." I told him as I eyed my group of friends from afar. He nodded and kissed me on the forehead. I put on the most confident walk and sincere smile as I approached them, Leigh-Anne saw me and a small grim smile appeared on her face. They weren't mad. But before I could sit down I was interrupted.

"You have some real nerve to come back here Kylie." The last person I wanted to see.


"Eleanor please .." I tried to start but she was already standing in front of me looking extremely upset. 

"I went shopping with you and we had coffee, I thought we would be really good friends!" She was being loud and it was no doubt almost everyone in the cafeteria heard.

"Eleanor back off." His strong voice relieved me but still I knew Eleanor was not going to give up.

"Why are you even standing up for her? From what I hear that might not even be yours!" I looked down at the floor completely ashamed, she was putting me in my place and I deserved it. Harry grabbed my hand and wrapped his arms around my shoulders keeping me away from her. A small tear escapes my eye and Eleanor was still mad.

"I stand by her side because I love her. I know you don't know what that feels like but I suggest that you walk away and go blame your boyfriend issues on someone else." Harry barked and pulled me away from her silencing the entire cafeteria. Once we were in the hall we were alone but I heard footsteps following us.

"Kyles." It was Leigh-Anne.

I looked up still in Harry's arms but instantly ran into hers when I saw the look she had on her face. She wanted to be there for me.

"I'm so sorry I haven't been paying attention to you and the girls it's been so complicated."

"Hush you don't need to explain, I'm your best friend I never went anywhere, plus I think Harry's done a pretty good job of taking care of you so far."

Turning my head to look at him, the love of my life standing with his hands in his coat pockets smiling shyly at the ground. Who would ever had though it would be me to make him feel like that?

"I leave you girls to talk, I think there's a lot of catching up you have to do." Harry laughed kissing me on the cheek before proceeding back into the cafeteria.


Friday night rolled around rather quickly and I had invited all the girls to meet at Jenny's place for a old fashioned sleep over. I grabbed my bag and headed toward my mother to say goodbye before I left to go spend some quality time with my friends. She did the usual check up that I had everything that I needed, she also reminded me of the ultrasound I had at noon on the next day which just made me even more anxious. Almost four months meaning I was almost half way. My stomach was rather larger for only being halfway but I suppose I underestimated the size of a baby.

After knocked the door almost immediately swung open to reveal Jenny in her pyjamas.

"Oh my gosh! I love your one piece you look so cute! Come on in!" I could tell she was excited and I was two not having really talked to the girls in so long but it felt like time had just escaped me after everything.

"Aw thank you Jen! I am so happy we are doing this tonight!" I practically squealed as I gave her a hug and set my bags in the TV room where we would be sleeping.

"So am I! So I got all kinds of food because I had no clue what you or any of the girls would want."

"Oh Oreos!" I pointed out as I saw the familiar packet laying on the bench along with popcorn skittles some chocolate and pastries. "Oreos and pickles sound so good right now."

"Like as in together or ?" She asked with the most sour look on her face which made me practically burst from laughter.

"It's my cravings, the whole pregnancy thing is really unusual." I admitted to her. I felt as if I was going to tell anyone how I really felt about it it would be my best friends.

"Are you okay?" She asked walking over to me and giving me a sincere look that I could trust her.

"Well it's a lot to take in but I'll be fine, I just ... I hope it's Harry's." I told her honestly, because if it was Louis' then things would be different and I wouldn't want things to be any different between me and Harry. I loved him and I didn't want it to be ruined.

"I'm sure it will be." As if on cue there was a knock on the door and Courtney and Leigh were both barging in the door with smiles and hugs. It really lightened up my mood and that is where the fun began.

We had plenty of food while we watched various comedies and Rom-Coms to fulfil our movie needs. We didn't end up going to sleep until midnight and that was after me trying to convince them to shut up because I had things to do that Saturday. I woke up sweatier than ever and decided to wash up whilst all the girls were still asleep, whoever woke up first had first dibs on the shower.

When I arrived down stairs Leigh and Jenny's mum were busy preparing pancakes, the smell of strawberries and cream practically made me melt. "Morning Kylie would you mind waking up those other two for me?" Donna asked as she shook her head whilst skilfully flipping a pancake.

"Of course Donna," I quickly walked into the TV room and returned my things to my bag. "Jenny! Courtney! Wakey Wakey!" I yelled laughing as I threw pillows at their faces. They both grunted in reply but Jenny has the strength to pelt me back with the pillow. The rest of the morning was spent eating and laughing at our own jokes. It was great to catch up with the girls and it made me feel a lot better about being at school and deciding to finish the school year.

Eleven o'clock came way too soon and me and Harry were off to the doctors appointment. I had asked the mothers to stay home because I was the one having the baby and I had to deal with it myself, if I was going to be taking care of a child I sure as hell could take care of myself.

"Kylie, we are ready for you." I felt my heart race as the doctor called out my name from her clipboard. I flashed a winning smile and dragged Harry with me down the corridor almost ripping his hand off from the way I was holding onto him. I had been to the doctors before but this was going to be my first ultrasound, frankly I was terrified. "How are you two doing today?"

"Good and yourself?" I smiled as I sat down on the blue hospital bed.

"I'm good thank you, now I am just going to get you to lean back." She smiled as she repositioned the pillow for me. I took a deep breath and laid back not letting go of Harry's hand. "You must be the boyfriend?"

"Yes I am." He smiled at the doctor and she looked at us in awe, little did she know how complicated it really was.

"So how many weeks are you so far?"

"Uh I think about 14 weeks." I said unsurely because I hadn't checked.

"This little fella is going to start getting big soon, I'm going to need you to pull your dress up." I did as she asked and she squirted cold gel onto my belly and started the ultra sound. "Okay so we should be able to see the little one."

Both me and Harry looked up at the screen in awe at the little smudged blob that was my baby. We both hoped it would mine but we had to wait to find out. Thats where the problem began.

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