Stuck btween tow fiers


1. the big change

I walked into the room and saw them both in the same class the two most popular boys omg I took a seat and desperately waited for the teacher when she came in she told us that there was this new rule that seats will be assigned in that second I had that weird thoughts do I have a chance of sitting next to Harry or Louis? What if I did what will I do? Can it happen? What if it did?

It happened when she said Louis's name and then she called mine Bethany I almost fainted but what made it worst is when the science period started the teacher assigned a science project for every 2 partners sitting beside each other after the longest 55 min of my life the bell finally rang

At the end of the day I packed my bag and hurried out of this room of torture when I looked back I found Louis running to me I tried to pace my speed but he caught up

"Hi I am Louis"

"H-hi I am Bethany but people call me Beth"

"Wanna grab something to eat at the same time we can discuss our science project?"

"Ok sure"

"Look I suck in science so...."

"Ok look we will do this explanation on cardboard we will stick pics and text like these things so"

"Yea ok sure how about we buy card board and then go to my place?"

"Ummmmmmm ok but......."

"My parents are out of town please do not say no"

When Louis held my hand I almost fainted I can't say no and yes can't be an option but by accident I blurted out


So we went and bought cardboard and headed to his place when we got in and went into his room I was latterly going to barf especially when he closed the door we sat down and finished the first part of the project so as I walked out of the house he held my hand and pulled me to him we where about to kiss until Harry came so I left

The next day Harry this time came to me and invited me to a party he is organizing tonight so off course I accepted at night when I walked out of the house I found Louis waiting for me he offered me a drive an off course I accepted in the party Louis kissed me while I was drunk after that people locked at me I a whole different way and Louis claimed me as hi girlfriend one day I went to the beach and I saw Harry sitting alone

"Harry r u ok"


"What is wrong"

"I like this girl....."

"Ah I understand let it out u will fell better"

"She is so cut she is with us in the class I want to tell her but...."

"Do not be afraid of love Harry"

"It is not easy she has a boyfriend and he is my best friend we where friends since kindergarden I do not want to ruin it for one girl"

At that second I realized it was Louis and me I was so terrified of what was going to happen so I got up and ran away


It's the end of the year and it is prom time Louis and I where going together

It's prom night I entered with Louis into the prom we had so much fun there we didn't stop dancing for the whole night we also won homecoming queen and king the next day I invited Harry and Louis to dinner to when they came we talked

"Harry Louis I need to say some thing important"I said with tears running down my cheeks

"Beth r u ok?"

"What I want to tell u is that my dad's work is going to Chicago for 8 months and I have to go with him"

Thank you for reading part 2 will come soon hope u enjoyed part 1

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