Life of hate *Niall Horan fanfic*

All Faiths life she had hated her self she cut and had really bad thoughts but what happens when her abusive boyfriend hits her in an alley way and this strange bloke shows up?


9. the big shock

*faiths POV*

"No you can't loubear!" I said to Lou. All the boys just laughed "hey guys it must be time for me to go home or Caleb will get mad at me" yay I thought to myself going back to hell "why are u with that jerk! He bloodily hits you!" Exclaimed Niall "I know but he threatened me and said if I ever left him he would kill my family" "not that they would care" I whispered under my breath "just dump him!" Yelled Niall "FINE! But you have to come with me!" "Ok" he said so we left

Skip Car ride cause I'm lazy

This is it i thought to myself as I walked up to my front door I knocked and when the door opened it was...

Ooooo cliff hanger I will update soon my Lyle deeply bunnies love yas bye

~ Faith

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