Life of hate *Niall Horan fanfic*

All Faiths life she had hated her self she cut and had really bad thoughts but what happens when her abusive boyfriend hits her in an alley way and this strange bloke shows up?


7. The 5 hottest boys ever

*Faiths POV*

I woke up in a bed I had no idea were I was. I got out of the bed and I heard voices outside the door "what are we going to do?" A boy said " I don't know" said a familiar Irish voice. I opened the door and there standing right in front of me were the 5 hottest boys I'd seen in my life. "Your awake!" Said a blonde dude with blue eyes and and Irish accent " Ummm yeah who r you and were am I?" " I'm Niall " said the Irish boy "and this is zayn" he pointed to the boy who looked Arabic " are u Arabic?" I asked " Umm yeah you don't sound English?" "That's because I'm not I'm Australian but my mums English and my dad's Arabic" " really!" Zayn asked I nodded and smiled. Niall went back to telling me the names "That's Harry " he pointed to a boy with curly hair he waved at me I wAved back " that's Liam" Niall said he pointed to a boy with a brown beard starting to grow "And that's Louis!" He pointed but before I could see the boy the boy had me in a bear hug "We're going to be besties!" Yelled Louis

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