Life of hate *Niall Horan fanfic*

All Faiths life she had hated her self she cut and had really bad thoughts but what happens when her abusive boyfriend hits her in an alley way and this strange bloke shows up?


11. that bitch

When the door opened it was..


my best friend half naked Lara stood in shock and so did I "Who's at the door babe"I hear Caleb all "THE SLUT!" Lara calls I walked in the house and up the stairs to my room and I packed my bags and walked down stairs "Hey Caleb!" I yelled as I walked into the kitchen and I grabbed a cup of ice cold water "WHAT SLUT!" Yelled Caleb as he walked through the kitchen door "We're done slut!" I say as I poor the water on him "oh and Lara" I say as I walk to her "Go fuck yourself" I say as I punch her strait in the nose. I walk out the door and go to the at and tell Niall to take me to my new home!

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