Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


16. You can't get rid of me that easily - Chapter 16

The scariest part of my life so far had been my induction into the necromancers, I'd had to make a blood sacrifice, in a cage of swirling black shadows and with a creepy statue with glowing eyes about to blow me up.

 This was worse than that.

I couldn't even scream. The wind was buffeting my face, making it impossible to breath. Everything seemed to slow down, I could see the town far below, on the wooden guard towers I could see guards lifting their bows to hit us. In the town square there was a large mass of people, they were armed with homemade weapons; it seemed the whole town was now possessed.

I saw Cinder zoom up below me and I frantically grabbed to his smooth feathers. For a terrifying moment I slipped off again but I somehow managed to drag myself onto Cinder's back.

"I hate you!" I steamed angrily, "Take me home, now!"

I swore I could here him laughing, 

"How? They've seen you with me, they're all possessed and crazy. Face it, this isn't your home anymore. I'll drop you off at the nearest town." 

"No, there must be some way to fix this! You must have some friends... or probably enemies and see if we can beat this!"


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