Gods, Necromancy and Griffins

Collab with Jaffa :3


8. Praise it? Chapter 8

I left the house soon after Father told me about Cinder, I made my way towards the graveyard, smiling slightly at my fellow necromancers. This was a normal night, no griffins had destroyed our house, everything would be fine. 

"Oi, your so poor that your house fell over at a breath of wind!" sneered Bryn, my age, he lives in a house almost the side of the mayors on the wealthy side of town. I did my level best to ignore him.

"Her dad's so bad a hunter that he couldn't hit a mammoth!" he yelled again

I stormed over, wondering why Necros thought that he would make a decent necromancer.

"I've heard that the stairs are having repairs at your house," I said, looking at his plump figure, under his black coat "You're so fat that when you went up them they practically snapped in half!

He blushed a deep red and I guessed right.

I walked back to the crowd of people and made my way down the cold stone steps. In the centre of the hall there is a large list of where to go and when, the Novice's have combat training. Good, I was in the mood to hit things that night.


The session passed normaly at first, a few members seemed to be a bit more listless than normal, maybe they had a cold or something. But then my friend Signy staggered, I rushed towards her. She sat on a bench underneath one of the many statues of Necros - godess of darkness. This particular one depicted her clawing her way out of the pit of fire into nights cooling embrace. Signy had her eyes tight shut, tears making a path down her shivering cheeks. Suddenly she opened her eyes and made a small smile.

"I have seen its glory, Frea! It is truly wondrous! Praise, its divine light! It chases away fear and death and the never ending darkness! Praise it with me! Praise it!" she cried happily, her eyes a bright gold.

The same colour as Cinder's, I noticed nervously. All of a sudden her eyes snapped shut and she returned back to her folorn self. 

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